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Proportionate Response

August 6, 2014


My sculpture is coming into focus for me once again, out of my turmoil and the myriads of diverse and often contradictory thoughts.  And it gives me great pleasure when I make unexpected pieces, which require effort to make them work visually through resolving the compositional details with a sense of clarity. Right now my life and experience makes sense because I feel like a genuine artist at last making artistic expressions from within and though my studio looks like a chaotic tip, it is the perfect idyll for me. Drawings and objects litter my life and through being immersed in all that I choose to make, great things are emerging from my own primordial soup. I’m asking questions and getting answers and moving forward on a developmental arc that feels dynamic and at last I understand what creativity and being a true artist actually is according to my emerging definition.

My journey to feeling like a genuine artist has been complicated and with greatly unexpected discoveries, but through extreme reactions and experiences, the pressures upon me finally awoke my sensibilities to a far greater depth. I feel that my lack of superficial success in the eyes of the world is key to my discordant agitations that provoked a reaction of such magnitude that I was forced to go in search of a meaning to my life. I couldn’t find any substance in trying to impress other people in search of vain glory, so instead I found a way to develop my work from an internal perspective. The internal perspective really contradicts the current trending in sculpture and the political climate of today, where the focus remains on external expressions. Big ideas for shock and awe, the wow factor of attention seeking fortune hunters. And for the quietly profound who seek to express an authenticity based on truth where there is no capital to be made, well there are few scraps. It is an age-old story in art where artists are left to endure hardship because they believed in the possibility that they could be true artists and bring something special to the world. It’s funny but today whilst driving I was thinking that the only path to authenticity was through hardship because the extreme struggles force one to find solutions and dig deep, it brings out an honesty and level of self-analysis that can only be answered and silenced through wisdom and knowledge. Where as affluence brings complacency and a level of comfort that removes you from the extremities of existence and survival, even the act of making art for a perceived audience subverts intent and it is here in my embattled studio that I now make work purely because I feel a need to explore certain possibilities, regardless of outcome. One day I may show some of the work but for now the intention is to produce work that brings meaning and works in tandem with my spiritual and intellectual growth, in that sense it is simple, an exploration of consciousness.

Obviously I’m a product of my lifes experience, my genetic composition and the life energy that is my sacred gift, a small perspective on life but with the huge weight of unknown possibility we all carry. When you feel life is this big it’s hard to focus on the mundane structures of society, the conformity for convenience and the economic structures that bind us to a limited existence. So how can you feel free to explore the infinite possibilities of consciousness on a planet hurtling through infinity when you are coerced into conforming to what feels like a game of monopoly. Well for me being a loser in a society I don’t believe in, set me free, I struggled with the rules and I was punished, it was always like this and has caused me a lot of pain, but finally it makes sense. Because as a mature man with a hard-earned belief in myself I am finally free to explore my creativity, I respect life deeply and I hope this shows in my work. I at last feel totally comfortable with myself and I feel that in the end all that I am will become one through my art, because that feels like the purpose of my life. I now feel that I have nothing to prove to anyone and seek only a level of satisfaction so that my life is marked by a few expressions of gratitude.


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