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My Vision is Clearing

August 10, 2014



I thought I would try to write a blog from my phone, to see if I can cope with it’s limitations.
Yesterday I delivered a few sculptures for exhibitions, so it was a bit of a road trip with my two sons, aged 10 and 12. We spoke about all sorts and had a lot of fun. But we also spoke about more serious aspects of life, you see I felt it my duty to explain about the beauty of the world and the simple actuality of being in the moment and enjoying the miraculous reality of life. I wasn’t too heavy and it was a fun conversation.

I just wanted to explain that, TV, films, games and social media are not a benign entertainment, but are in fact Trojans. I didn’t lay it on too heavily because it would have fallen on deaf ears, but I hope that I planted a seed that will lead to a greater self awareness.
The continual bombardment of human sensibility through all the screens we hide behind are like mind controllers. What to buy, how to look cool, what to think, how to behave etc. The imagery and subliminal content invades our consciousness and provides the mechanism for a satisfactory life if we are willing to conform and sign up to the world of corporate control. That by believing the message of the screen we are in fact transported to a different reality almost unwittingly. Lifted out of our reality into an escapist fantasy where the creation of desire can be temporarily satiated with the offerings we purchase. So the latest game, film TV show etc brings a sense of kudos and the feeling of being cool and in the know. This level of conformity frightens me because I feel it dilutes our existence and offers a false reality that is meaningless, we feel free yet we are brain trained into Zombie like existence.
As an artist I need to find originality and a path to freedom but I had become trapped into conformity by the screen. It is really the American dream which in reality is a cruel nightmare. A dumbing down with a one size fits all ethos, a world of profit , greed and exploitation. It is a complete package where you willingly finance your own exploitation by financing all the duplicity of the Trojan offerings. Even Facebook, that wonderful free gift, the benign social media is in fact underpinned by cynical motives of advertising, data base gathering, spying Etc yet we are totally blinded by it’s friendly interface. So whilst it appears to empower us it is just another mechanism for control and exploitation, smiling whilst it robs us and we are grateful.
The mind of an artist is curious, it looks behind the facade and exposes truths of existence, I’m quite shocked by the clarity of vision which it affords me. This is why I sometimes feel a duty to share my thoughts and these are the thoughts that protect my integrity.

  1. Hannah Davies permalink

    Hello Eoghan. I find your blogs very thoughtful and inspiring. I can relate to a lot of the stuff you write about from an artistic perspective. The world can be a very toxic place for lots of reasons and it’s hard to keep a grasp on a truthful reality. I like to see your thoughts pop up on these matters. 🙂


  2. Linda permalink

    Hello Eoghan.. A dear friend just read your last two posts to me, for which I am very grateful. Profound and insightful as always, it lifted my spirits and I know my thoughts will be on artistic endeavors rather than my woes and worries. She enjoyed your thoughts very much as she is a textile artists of quite extraordinary talent who has struggled with the same questions you have so courageously waded into, waist deep. :>) I have undergone two eye surgeries recently and as part of my recovery, I cannot do much computer work. Nor can I sketch, paint, sculpt with wire, etc. I have found that you have re-ignited a smouldering passion for self expression that I thought was lost. As always, your most pom-pom shaking cheerleader……..:>)


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