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Flirting with Realities

September 4, 2014


Coming off the rails is where I like it best, Oh yes and flirting with realities is what I do best lol, because I can’t find a way of accepting the compromise. I just love the concept of freedom and always have, in art there is no alternative and the imprisonment through self-deception is the enemy and the route to dilution. And so we the artists must play with realities bouncing from one to another, but this is complex and I think I’m being ambitious in thinking that I may be able to articulate my take on this. So what the heck, give me crisis and I can start to perform, by stepping out and challenging anything that has the temerity to repeatedly challenge me. I’ve got a feeling that this blog may become a little zany (and I make no apologies) because of where I’m at right now in my creative cycle, after the years of restraint and denial that my artistic endeavours required of me. The time had come for me to use my latent potential and to strike home with some significant art, or at least prepare the ground for a more profound body of work.  I fear my habit for digression is getting the better of me tonight 🙂


My reality started at birth in my materialization accompanied by a certain amount of prior knowledge, I can’t be specific beyond my intuition, instinct, purpose and strength,but just like everyone else, I’m a little different. Strangely it is this reality that I treasure most, the essence of my being in the physical reality of the world and the universe and it is the connection with the truth of my being that captivates me. The intense reality at the core is me, myself and I and when I make art I am as near to being at one with my being as I can be, confronting and provoking myself into making creative statements, however this process is always interrupted by the multiplicity of alternative realities. My mind is active and curious and no one has ever been able to answer my important questions and it is these questions and the search for answers that drive my determination with such tenacity. admittedly I’ve had to learn to dance with uncertainty and experience levels of exposure to the great voids, stripped down without sanctuary. like a forensic objectivity, an analysis without emotion or sentiment where everything is stripped to its constituent parts into a harsh reality. I could live happily cradled in the confines of societies tools for complacency (not really) but I choose to be exposed to the uncertain reality for which there are no answers. It’s quite interesting now because my mind has reached a stage where my level of analysis cuts straight through so much erroneous detail and there is no going back because the development of my work depended on it and in this regard I see intention more than outcome ie the truth and motivation behind statements. This makes for a cleaner approach to artistic expression and reduces the more irrelevant content in my personal work. Although it exposed a different perception of  the contextual reality of the art world and a different historical perspective in which the elitist hierarchical notions of art as we know it became less relevant to me. It’s funny but I could have lived silently with these thoughts but my reality and exposure to the world has provoked my reaction into explaining my differences from the realities of an unconventional life. OK so I can’t fit in with the conventional ways of society, the job, nice house, nice car, nice holidays and pretty perfect this and that’s and for this I can no longer feel any shame because my approach to life has filled my mind with the knowledge I need to exist happily.


Society offers a broad range of realities and they all have their place, believable to those who need to believe in them when it suits. I often use the example of money to highlight reality because it is an abstract concept, now more than ever as it is really more about electronic exchange. People can use their whole life to pursue the gathering of wealth and society embraces the wealth gatherers as heroes, when in fact they may just be very greedy insecure people. So the invention of money becomes a profound reality to those who choose to embrace it, perhaps as a barometer of well-being, success. Living by the laws of its mechanisms, which are global and hard to ignore. Money is used to control and exploit making a reality of money quite ugly, you only have to think of those people who are lost in an addiction to gambling or are driven to violent crime to gather it freely. The funny thing is that around a simple concept there is a multiplicity of interpretation a collection of realities and values every bit as acceptable to each individual, no matter how contradictory they are. I know that I believe strongly in my own values and realities but they are specific to me in a world without absolutes. I can articulate my perception but it is not, nor ever can be universal and it is here that I know my place as an artist and why I don’t presume with arrogance.



So back to flirting 🙂 well I can’t help it, by nature I enter lifes situations with an open curiosity and innocence, the wide-eyed boy with a big smile searching in hope of gaining knowledge and wisdom. People often think I’m gullible but the reality is, an open vessel is there to be loaded and as an artist that cargo becomes the material deciphered into art. You learn to take the knocks and if you have the memory of a sculptor you never forget. It’s funny but all the situations I enter, I do so with an open curiosity, it’s not contrived and usually it leads to meaningful exchanges. In a sense this is my least contrived reality and how I act and react in the moment which is so telling for me.


I’m already becoming confused having established some of my realities, which would be a good time to change my focus on my reality as an artist in society. It is here that the notions of success and very definitions of art that have caused me so much strife. Societies expectations and my struggle with deliverance and ambition, the notion of an arts industry by itself is a great misnomer, like HELLO!!!! I mean how can art be an industry, unless you bastardise it and remove the sacred. I guess the whole point of what I’m trying to write about is, how as an artist do you establish your own reality and is it important that it corresponds with societies broader expectations, but as I write I’m aware that I’m chasing something impossible and so dynamic, that quite frankly it’s doing my head in. Although from these infinite possibilities I’ve already made many choices and I believe my decision-making is improving as I accept the reality of my sentient being. In one sense the past five years have been about discovering my own reality amidst the bombardment, noise and burden. Discovering by uncovering and finding the strength to make a stand amidst the chaos, but most importantly lifting my own self imposed embargo’s that blocked the road to freedom. I now know what happened and how I fell into a trap of my own making, joyfully I have rectified it and realise that the importance of art means sacrifice and no surrender to sentiment, with art it’s hard-core and you just do it. No pithy platitudes, no bullshit just the courage to do, in an open and transparent way and if you haven’t got the courage to say exactly what you feel through your work, then you are not fit for art or to be called an artist (that might sound a bit harsh, but it’s how I motivate myself). I have at times failed this test, but for the moment my courage is building. Oh and don’t forget art is also about great sensitivity and compassion, the being hard bit is the key to freedom, not the method of expression. ❤


I’m afraid this blog is losing the plot and I can’t rescue it, so I’ll just go with the flow in an open humanistic way and address another reality. This time it’s the virtual reality and its a perplexing one uncertain in a contrived organic fashion, a reflection of society and the possibility of a one tribe world. I have a love hate relationship with the virtual world and it comes about from my hatred of screens and the illusions they create. Illusions that you can’t touch, taste, smell or hold, illusions that feast the imagination but deny the senses and invariably lead to feelings of intense frustration. But it is another reality and a fast evolving one that wasn’t there just a short time ago, now it’s another dimension that we take for granted. A dimension that is a curious barometer for where we are as humans, how we think and the values we uphold, I think we’re rather curious animals, don’t you?


Room for a few more  drawings I feel




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