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Are you really interested in art?

September 5, 2014

For nearly thirty years, I’ve been expected to make my art fit around societal expectations, to conform to what is a perception that I never believed in and could never. You see the art market as judge and jury is an oxymoronic approach to what is in essence an unquantifiable mystery and in my experience when you try to control art you kill it. So you have to forget and dismiss the market forces in art because they are a mere distraction without relevance, then you can start to see and understand unfettered expression and the profundity of art. Take away personal taste and dismiss whether or not you like it, because that doesn’t matter, instead look openly and feel it, see if it moves you, because that is the crux of what art is or can be. Whether you want it on your wall or sideboard is an utter irrelevance, because art is not about ownership, no, it’s about sharing and sensual experience. We are blinded by the vulgarity of the art market and the mechanisms that hold art in bondage, squeezing out all that is authentic untill we are left with bland sanitized bullshit. The course of my life as an artist has been one of dodging dogmas and of being controlled or owned, people think I’m my own worst enemy, but I’m not really, you see freedom is more than a state of mind, it’s a way of life. I pay a big price in the material world for being free but my rewards are beyond compare, because my mind satisfies my soul and I feel deeply connected on many levels, you can’t put a price on your personal development and wisdom. It always amuses me how we define ourselves through personal taste, because when you analyse it you realise that it is a moveable feast based on uncertain absolutes that we use to construct: definition and identity, as an artist you can’t help but challenge taste and it’s not the most robust concept.


The thirty-two little drawings above are from the scraps of paper that I have lying about in my studio, they are my intimate art and mean a lot to me because they are authentic. However they are not suitable for commercial purposes in private art galleries and that is the tragedy of our time. I could make pretty drawings that would appeal to a broader swathe of people, but they would not be authentic art and I would have submitted to the pressures and would no longer feel like a true artist. My choices have always appeared awkward to those around me, but the truth is simple, I live to be an artist and not a convenient maliable performer. ❤

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