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The Beauty of Possibility

September 5, 2014


I started writing this blog with a different intention, then I put my drawings in and they just didn’t go with the writing, too much of a rant for the feelings that came through the drawing. But I will leave it as a lesson for myself and the power art has over my demeanour when I apply my energies without prejudice. 🙂 You have to forgive me, I’m a recovering disillusioned artist.

There are so many terms banded around in the Arts arena that quite frankly don’t hold up to the scrutiny that their imposition implies. We glibly speak about art collectors, investment, the art market, critical acclaim, context, arts industry, but the question I must ask is does this get us any closer to understanding art at its fundamental level. Do we really know how to appreciate art out of its convenient context, if we each saw a piece of art in isolation, would we respond to its merits regardless of any knowledge of its author. Are we capable of understanding the value of a work of art without societies prior endorsement, for example is Van Gogh’s work brilliant or is it meaningless garbage, a polarity that is real through  perceptions in time. In his life it was rejected after his death it was hailed, but do you know if his paintings are significant or just ordinary, genius or douche bag? or do we just accept what we are told and allow so-called experts to determine how we see things. I in my own life am learning to ignore perceived wisdom through an increased faith in my own intuition and instinct.

I can’t help but compare my own fate with that of Van Gogh, because as a life long scholar of art I know (in my own mind) that some of my work has reached  a high standard, yet my work is continually overlooked because no one within the establishment will stand up and join me and say, hey this is interesting. Now it could be that I’m suffering from a life-long delusion or else I’m suffering as a consequence of fear from within the establishment where people cannot recognise the merits of art beyond the superficial. Yet we seem to accept the famous artists without question because we are like sheep and our vision becomes so clouded that we become incapable of recognising the merit of the unknown artists and no one will step out of line and take a risk on the outsiders. If I were to believe that I was deluded and my art had found its rightful place in society then I would accept my fate, but quite simply I don’t. So this is why I carry on and fight my corner with my beliefs and I truly hope that through my work I can prove beyond doubt that credibility is not about fame and recognition.

As usual I have digressed lol, though I did give this blog entry a rather poor title, which I’ve now changed. However it’s all part of my journey and deconstructing the erroneous elements of  the matrix that guides my art is essential. To question all I took for granted and find a meaningful way forward based on sound judgement and in knowledge of a wider context of human possibility, beyond the prescribed. Soon this complicated period of my life will be behind me, I can feel it because I’ve relaxed, but that fire still burns inside, firing my determination to go over my horizon.



❤ ❤ ❤

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