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Virtualising Vicissitudes

September 10, 2014


(Please excuse my indulgence, but I couldn’t resist writing this paragraph, it will probably only make sense to me, it’s just that my sense of humour is returning, it also articulates aspects of the thought processes that go into making my art) 🙂

I find with my recent approach to drawing, that the seemingly random acts of continuity intrigue me, because it borders on an oxymoronic paradox, in that my approach is random with a cursory helping of chance. Caught within a multiplicity of dichotomous scenarios, yet the results appears to conform with a chronological evolution of conceptual development in synchronicity with technical improvement. Currently it is this area that intrigues me and I can’t decipher or predict the level of meaningfulness between developing preconceived concepts or a more existential approach, though I believe in due course, that on reflection I will see with greater clarity. This area is important because the implied intent and formative direction define a starting point.  For now, all I think I know is that my work is moving forward and I’m feeling my way into new areas with new approaches that have evolved empirically over time. My greatest intrigue at the moment is based on the spiritual and I have to emphasise that it’s not a religious spirituality but the untainted spirituality that I feel within, through my connections of being. However the possibilities of spirituality are vast, to say the least, but my hope is that an open mind will leave an open door to allow my approach to broaden further. Do I consciously choose a direction or do I deal with the consequences of intuition and faith, does it really matter and would different approaches lead to the same conclusion. I guess the answer lies in trying out different approaches and analysing the results, though it’s important to explore all the questions raised in the development of artistic concepts. What I find interesting is that there is no simplistic singular answer or conclusive solution beyond what you choose to accept with a level of certainty. This paragraph is relevant to me and the complexity of my personal challenge in search of relevance and meaning, I could write it more simplistically but I like to indulge in the confusing ambiguity that freedom and choice deliver to the creative process and the curious cerebral processes. I do know that I cannot move significantly forward with my sculpture untill I define a criteria that will facilitate a meaningful development worthy of the time and investment needed. I also know that my solution lies outside of  the umbrella and limitations of the prescriptive art world, if only to give me the feeling of autonomy and freedom.


I’m without a doubt, that my knowledge is limited and put into perspective by what I’m aware that I don’t know and understand, I find this reassuring and a measure of wisdom. It has always intrigued me that the more knowledge I acquire the more I realise how little I understand and yet we live in a time where this exploration is impaired by our conditioning. I firmly believe that an open mind should be a goal in life so that we may acquire wisdom through living enquiring lives, in order to satisfy and reach for our potential, which in a way is what I’m trying to do with my art. Hence my art becomes more of an incidental product in the search for a meaningful life and the distraction of commodity pales into insignificance as I reach for new and interesting developments. Art has a unique place and role to fulfill within society and it’s not about pretty pictures on a wall, no, it’s about matters of substance. A reflection of complexity and the dynamic force that fuels our curiosity and evolution and so through art you can have a date with reality and an insight through the reflections of a soul searcher. Or you can choose to look at art as an investment or a pretty statement of fashion and trending, I know which I’d choose because ways of seeing are important to my life. It would seem at the age of fifty-one that my life is taking shape, my identity is becoming established and I have a deeper understanding of what art can be and what it can mean.



❤ ❤ ❤

  1. Dorothy Penso permalink

    thank you for your blog sharing yourself, your thoughts, your conflicts, your aspirations, your torments. It furthers the wonderful conversation I had with you on Friday at Balancing Act. Your exhibition is the images and resultant emotions I will carry with me. You made me feel, if only for a short while, that my ideas are not quite so ridiculous.


    • Thanks Dorothy, I really enjoyed our conversation too 🙂 and I’m glad you felt that way about your ideas, because we should all be proud and celebrate our uniqueness
      Kind Regards Eoghan


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