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The Art of being an Artist

September 18, 2014

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I’m taking part in an exhibition in two weeks, it’s a group show at my kids Steiner school and I’m looking forward to selecting a few pieces to show. I feel it’s a good time for me to show a few examples of my work, so that I can reflect on my recent travails. Because after a few years of struggle with my art I’ve found a way back to meaningful creativity and my life feels back on track. I’ve made satisfactory conceptual developments and my approach to art has matured as a result of knuckling down to a serious appraisal of myself and my art. I needed a wake up call to force my hand, so that I could prove a point to myself, I think I’m doing ok and my self-imposed rehab is working. Finally I believe in myself again and this exhibition will be significant for very personal reasons about my art and how I feel about it when it is exposed to the public. It’s strange but I’m not concerned so much about the reactions to my work  anymore, because my concern is about continuing to believe in myself through my creativity. My art is my story, reflections and expressions from my life and if I can find the courage to convey this openly I can  feel proud of the courage that I have developed through my dedication and belief. And if I can show my work in any testing ground and maintain a sense of pride then there is nothing to stop my inspiration from blossoming further. For years I’ve swum against the tide and held onto my own ideals and beliefs, growing in confidence and ability as I’ve fought to quash my inhibitions and insecurities, all to get to get where I am today. And where I am is a place of belief, there is strong desire to work purely as an artist and that is all, I have nothing to prove to anyone as I seek is an inner contentment, a feeling that transcends the material world, residing deep within.

There are times as an artist you can feel like a victim of a cruel society, a society that lacks compassion for the delicate ephemerality of the creative process,  you expose all you have to offer into a judgemental environment and slowly you become brutalised by the pressures. Standing tall in the isolation of self belief is not easy but it’s a necessity to survive and flourish, so that you are free to create what you believe. Then finally, if you’re lucky, the day comes after years of struggle that you stand up and believe in who you are and what you have to offer, without the insecurity or doubt stoked by external reactions. I believe this is the day you become a true artist, beyond performance and the desperate search for reaction, no longer needy or a prisoner to the whim of others, just content within. A life with a small ego and a huge belief built on the solidity of empiricism, my belief is that this is the reward for the endurance, dedication and dark times. In this place you face up to the immense challenges of art, dealing with the possibilities that you prioritize as fit for your oeuvre and this is where I am in my journey. It’s not been easy, I started out thirty years ago, low on self-esteem and with no confidence, slowly I built my life through art, a long and slow journey marked by my tentative and gentle approach. In the end it was enough to liberate me from my inhibitions and get some way to realising my potential through a deeper understanding of self. I no longer make or show my art work to be judged, because I have consciously changed the intent from subordination to actualized statements of belief. I know that people will still judge all I do and I don’t mind this at all, because my priority is in the freedom of expression and I am no longer willing to be held back. My inner strength is key to side stepping the rat race with the petty criticisms based on the criteria of falsehood that holds the hierarchical folly of unjust societies. I believe Art should be about truth and avoid the corruption of control, free from the movers and shakers of  societies elite, which is why we the artists are forced to drop out in search of sincerity. Without my natural rebellious spirit I would have been crushed and compromised by society, neutralised into the bland world of applied artistic decoration, pretty pictures for elite decor.


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