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York Exhibition and Stuff

September 29, 2014


I’m taking part in a short running mixed exhibition in York, it’s a group show and I feel it will be quite exciting. For my part I will be showing some sculpture with some drawings and prints and also a presentation of Soul~Fields, so I’m pretty excited. However it’s getting a bit of a rush as I’ve had one or two irritating illnesses that have set me back, so I will be burning the midnight oil again. The good news is I passed a small kidney stone this evening and psychologically it has lifted me, because I’ve had weeks of strange discomfort and fevers. Felt I ought to share that one lol 🙂 My exhibitions are usually through private galleries and art fairs, so this one is quite exciting because I curate my work and hang it too. I hope to learn a lot from the experience and as I know very little about the other artists work I’m also looking forward to seeing the exhibition for myself. Following this show the sculpture will be moving on for a show in London at an art fair.


Late nights making real art for real people


At the moment I’m exploring a wide variety of concepts based on my interpretation of equestrian compositions, looking to expand on a metaphorical narrative. A narrative that is not specific, but instead an intuitive portrayal of life in our times, there are no hidden meanings because my work is nothing more than an open and transparent dialogue with whom ever takes an interest. I’m currently choosing to express my ideas concepts through limited forms and so there is a level of control that allows me to understand the possibilities of my ideas. Somebody recently described a piece of mine as “Fractal Chaos” which beautifully sums up my sculpture at the moment. Whilst my work is in such a dynamic and fluid state I will continue to explore these developments untill it levels out a bit, then I will choose my next steps. For the moment I find the conceptual development very satisfying and I may just continue to work in this vein. I’m starting to reach the conclusion that there is no call for ART in public sculpture anymore and little call for ART in the art world and inside of me there is no call to sell out to bland commodification and no allure what so ever from jumping on any band wagons. So I know roughly my direction for sculpture drawing and prints but as for making a living? well the jury is still out. Last year was my worst ever year financially but my greatest as an artist, I say “may the future be a mystery, while I enjoy the present”.


I have to admit that this idea pleases me greatly and I have already developed it further in my sketch book 🙂


This piece is like an enquiring sketch, I made it because I wanted to further understand my knowledge of the relationships between two figures on a horse and I believe it taught me a lot. I had to keep adjusting small details to make it work in a satisfactory way for my aesthetic sensibility. After all the work I’ve made over the past three years my compositional understanding is at its most acute and I really enjoy the challenges that open up new possibilities.

 ❤ ❤ ❤

  1. Congratulations for being in the show! Your work is all about the “Balance” concept. I’m glad your drawings are included too, because I love to see your artmaking process. Good luck!


    • Thanks for your thoughtful words Annerose, as always I enjoy and appreciate your comments very much. I need a bit of luck 🙂 though I’m slowly finding my way to a satisfactory way of life and I feel this little exhibition is following a different path. A path which will involve organising my own exhibitions in a realistic way, without all the nonsense. Kindest Regards Eoghan 🙂


  2. Wonderful…am glad you are creating and be showing at the Art show …yayay.
    Take good care of yourself Eo… kidney stone are not fun..:((


    • I’m resting a bit at the moment Fab 🙂 I’ve turned the corner with my work and it no longer feels so desperate 🙂 I hope you are keeping well and working hard. Kind Regards Eoghan 🙂


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