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Time to return to the Soul-Fields

October 11, 2014


Poster2Sometimes I feel like inspiration rains down upon me, like a reward for my dedication, commitment and belief in art. At the moment I’m going through the aftermath of three years of an intense approach to my art, a  time in which time I became consumed and where I found much deeper levels. The intensity is in a way quite shocking and it is also life changing because I see the world from a different perspective. In my case I’ve seen through the structures of institutions and society and found the art world to be unreliable and not suitable for art such as mine. I’ve realigned the purpose and intention of my art, so that I can make inclusive art in a democratic fashion, art aimed at the general public, not art aimed at alienating ordinary people such as myself. Real art for real people and not some esoteric statements for the prisoners of convention, locked into their land of make belief.

11 a

I’ve always considered myself a people’s artist, though I got caught between two worlds and it tore me apart, I could no longer cope with bridging the vast chasm between the two realities. The first of the two realities being genuine art and its back story and reality number two, the performing and pretence of a contrived world that controls the art the world see’s. Something deep inside of me has always protected my integrity, however it took many years and complete disillusion to stimulate a fight back and the full implementation of my own values and concepts. I believe that my current position is quite challenging, because it is a singular approach based on a strong and unwielding personal reasons and I have no backing at all. So I’m very much exposed and it is difficult for people to judge my work because it doesn’t fit neatly into a conventional criteria. I’m technically competent and my ideas are original, I believe I even cross art world genres that bridge traditions with contemporary art, putting that aside ordinary people get it and that hearten’s me so much.

no2Each Soul~Field will contain seven sculptures

My current phase of work is becoming very interesting, after a period of reflection, in an attempt to understand myself (which isn’t easy), so that I can pick my way forward. Surprisingly it’s soul~fields that is jumping out at me once again, a long-term project that has the potential to define my lifes work, should I choose. I’m ready to take it a step further and see it as a major piece of work that will define a large part of what my art is about. Soul~Fields is a project that has led me into new areas and it has enforced a significant personal development which I’m only just starting to understand. It takes me out of my comfort zone and demonstrates an ability to make art beyond my conceptual and aesthetic abilities, which is just so fascinating. And it so happens that some of my conceptual developments outside of this project are queuing up to join the party as defining Iconic gestures, so through autumn and winter I will have my work cut out. Hopefully I can explore my project in writing in the hope of gaining greater clarity and as a way of overcoming the huge personal hurdles that still restrict my practice. I feel that I have to let go even further and trust in something that will allow me to go step after step beyond my limitations and what that trust is needed for, is to address my fear of producing work in which I feel out of control. Risky work which makes me want to shy away from the responsibility of authorship, for fear of condemnation and judgement, I believe to achieve this I must push further than I need. This is just my hunch, but I feel so strongly inside that I have to expel my imposed limitations in order to achieve significance. It is here that my determination is essential and I must continue to wrestle and fight for everything to have a chance of touching what has always eluded me, though reaching out may be all that’s required.


out there

I had a dream tooThese three photo’s are of pieces that will fall within the project criteria

Soul~Fields is by my standards a vast project with enormous potential and as I try to shape and condense it, I realise that it needs to incorporate about seventy significant sculptures, perhaps even more. Simplistically it’s the timeless human story concerned with arrival, interaction, growth, play, conflict, deconstruction, reinvention, self realisation, awakening and death. I’ve established a format for each field, which is six figures standing on spheres, surrounding an elevated central figure and this seems to work, however I can’t decide how many fields to develop and will only find out through the doing, in the old-fashioned empirical and somewhat pragmatic way. I already have about three solid ideas for individual fields that I’m happy with and today I found a way of introducing elements from my equestrian catalogue and my stocking trade figurative collection. I must say that the task hasn’t been made any easier by the dynamic creative flow that has been my companion of late, because the sheer weight of ideas that I have produced is becoming overwhelming. I suppose it’s better to have choices as opposed to scratting for ideas to realise a powerful conceptual statement. But my biggest issue remains the containment of ideas that are continually developing in a dynamic way and truthfully it feels like the genie is out of the bottle and it feels beyond my control.


So the project is evolving, uniting every aspect of my work and I will even have one more attempt to get some funding so that I can exhibit the work to the public. But first I will have to outline the project in words, a challenge which I will try here on my blog first before sending anything out to potential funders. I’ve never really prepared a proposal or tried to explain my work so it should be a fun exercise and it will make use of my newly acquired writing skills. Meanwhile I’ll continue to work on drawings to develop new ideas and produce the new sculptures along with re-photographing the whole project and I’ll produce a new av presentation too.


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