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Learning to walk my walk

October 14, 2014



Hi, it’s me again 🙂


Where can I see authentic art? does it exist? is the tailor-made commercial art really art? and should I believe in the western categorisation of art in its historical evaluation and interpretation and should I believe in the current definition of contemporary art? Can true art only come out of those locked into obscurity, those working without an audience, working to self realisation in silence. Should I be happy that my art is viewed as craft by many and categorised as applied art or should I be insulted at the undermining of my integrity as an artist. Should I feel ashamed that my art has struggled to fit within the tight remits of the commercial art market. Or should I ignore it all, turn my back and walk my own walk. Is a karaoke singer who appears on X-Factor an artist because Simon Cowell says so, or has the term art and artist been hijacked for the erroneous purpose of exploiting market opportunities. Is true art and are true artists respected in society or is art lost in a confusion of an all-encompassing generic term for vague notions of creativity. Such are the times that we live in with our sound bite culture and reliance upon show and gimmickry, I feel that art is slowly drowning in a sea of mediocrity in a world that is becoming unable to discern or define art beyond tokenism. When you try to make authentic art you just can’t ignore these questions as you make efforts to define a valid expression from within.


I battle through my life, my respect for art beyond anything else, I communicate how I feel about the values of art to humanity and I pay a heavy price, though I have no option. I have no option because art has taught me to see through the manufactured art world and into the creativity within. The soulful humanity that is timeless and not part of a convenient fashion or commercial opportunity. If I belonged to any period of art or was part of any collective notion, I would be a prisoner to dogma, say a pop artist or a surrealist, because I would be held within the parameter of a defined genre. Surely art is not about this market led compliance and the actuality of being an artist should encourage freedom to travel with a broad approach to creative exploration, why be held within a narrow band when it is the duty of art to explore beyond our horizons. Sadly the truth behind the narrow approach to art is one of convenience, motivated by economics, a system that is controlled by certain tiers of society. So art is pressurised by society to conform and art colleges teach and indoctrinate young people into becoming compliant artists. But the problem is that art eludes an absolute definition and creativity is an undefinable aspect of being, so can you truly teach someone how to be an artist? I don’t think you can. Of course you can teach someone how to make something and impose a context, but you can’t teach about the uniqueness of originality, because it is incumbent on the individual to make that necessary journey. What I’m questioning is the manufacture of artists and whether or not this application of art is true art or merely a performance to fit within the prescribed confines of society. I guess if I believed in mainstream art that I wouldn’t be asking these questions, because there would be a place and space for my contribution.


In my own life I have taken that step beyond accepting what is in front of me because I found it flawed and in doing so I have been confronted by a stark reality in which I have had to find a robust definition of art.  Because if I’m to continue making art that will define my life, it must be for profound reason and as near to my absolute truth as I can get, I see life as too important to live in self-deception and falsehood.


Throughout the course of my professional life, I’ve been subjected to manipulation through the leverage of the systems in place, the grooming of artists and the pressures to comply weigh heavily on the insecure artists looking for validation and dignity. The problem is that I always knew the true path of art was not tailor-made trinkets and pictures to decorate the houses of the elite and I also knew that there is more to art than it being a commodity to underpin the art market. I also knew that the prices of art are based on assumption and perceived market value and all of this is based on art as investment. I always fought to keep my prices low and so that ordinary people could afford my work, but this was looked down upon by art industry professionals because it flies in the face of the art as investment myth.


Having strolled through life this far I now find myself at a crossroads, because I have choices, my first option is to develop some of my current concepts into a commercial product in the hope that I can lift myself out of the poverty trap. Option number two is to embrace the dynamic free-flowing ideas and follow the adventure, wherever it takes me. It’s really a no brainer because I once rested on past glory and found it to be a barren land, so I will run with new ideas. The funny thing is, that I never imagined being in this place and having these choices, but it would appear that to innovate and move forward you must embrace an outlook based on freedom of purpose and not a consolidation or exploitation of the present. Society would hold me enchained by type and repetition,  free will would release me into the great unknown and it really is that simple.  In this judgmental society I can choose to be crushed by success or set free by failure, hey and you know what? it’s pretty cool to be a loser and lots of fun too, because when you have nothing to lose you can say and do as you please.


Right now I’m so tired, after three years of giving everything I’ve got to my art, I guess there is always a price to pay for burning the candle at both ends. A run of kidney stone induced infections and a few illnesses caught from my kids has left me feeling shattered. But as always the relentless pressure is there to survive in the material world which means I have to produce work to sell as well as find the time to draw, write and develop my new sculptures. They say there is no rest for the wicked which means that I must be a real bad ass son of a gun. But despite feeling tired I still feel like a bull at a gate, full of excitement and a determination to chase down the challenges ahead. However that feeling of exhaustion is hard to get over and I can only just raise enough energy to draw, though I do feel my energies returning and I hope to restart my daily runs and exercises so that I can fly through the winter months with great enthusiasm.

Bye for now Beautiful people 🙂

❤ ❤ ❤

  1. Janet R. permalink

    Hi Eoghan…been wondering about you and hoping that you are thriving. Sorry you’ve been ill. Illness sucks, but it provides an opportunity to rest and meditate and contemplate. Just wanted to say hello..I’m so tired myself that I don’t have much to say right now, but still enjoy reading your blog posts..:) Keep going, it’s worth it…:)


    • Thanks Janet, it’s great to hear from you, I hope your energy returns soon. My energy is returning and I feel full of ideas and enthusiasm, I think writing my blog is like a pressure release valve and it allows me to work unhindered. Bye for now Eoghan x


      • Janet R. permalink

        Hi, I took some time away and that helped…I am writing privately now (not sharing anything just yet) and making time for the things that feed my soul. I am also planning a trip to the UK next spring or possibly sooner if I can manage it, at which time I hope we can meet!! Wishing you peace and fulfillment through your artistic pursuits. :)) JR


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