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To print or not to print

October 27, 2014


Following the positive response to my first ever public showing of two-dimensional work, I’m faced with a dilemma on whether to include prints as part of my income generating art. It’s an issue which I have some history with, because the private galleries that I have shown with all these years, have never taken a blind bit of notice in my drawings, apart from the occasional rude rejections. Ironically on the back of this recent exhibition I have sold a number of prints and they have met with a favourable reaction and a level of engagement that has touched me. My drawings are intimate and there is a raw honesty to these works which gives them an unguarded authenticity. Through these works I offer all that I have to give in the hope that I can share my feelings as an artist and I have battled through so many obstacles to get to here. It’s a special place for me and I believe it shines through my work and whilst my work is subject to ongoing developments, I feel that I can afford to feel good about it, very ocassionally.


My two-dimensional work forms a picture of my broadening approach to art and constitutes a large collection of images which display my varying approaches to art. Each image represents a personal challenge, a question asked, in the hope of learning something new each time and with each drawing there is always a struggle.


Behind each drawing or print there is serious intent and I try to address all the issues that concern me in as interesting and engaging way as possible


Some of the work is biographical


Much of my drawing is speculative, a complete mystery to me and it is here where I dig deep to find the courage to make work that I do not understand at the time of creating.


Well of course I’m an anarchist too, because with art there are no rules 🙂


Oh and did I tell you that I have always adored cats


And I’ve always been fascinated by bulls ever since studying Minoan art

bull colour

These images are ones that I have printed up to A3 in size, using the giclee method

Think sitter

I have many thousands of drawings


Which reflect my approach to life


Some are crazy,


Some are scribbled

She was pastel

But they all have one thing in commom

A2 Colour

They are heart-felt ❤

  1. Hi Eoghan! Long time no see! I was wondering what you’d been up to today and went to have a gander…only to find you were unreachable on facebook! Have I been removed and blocked or did you close down your facebook page? Slight paranoia setting in here LOL. I couldn’t find Sabrina either….???


    • Hi Lee, it’s lovely to hear from you 🙂 I deactivated my account two months ago because the format of FB was winding me up, maybe Sabine did the same. I think we creative types can be a bit temperamental, I may reactivate it again one day and see if I can learn to cope with the pressures of social media. For now I just write my blog and really enjoy the format, because it suits my writing and imagery. Eoghan 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank God for that 😉 I thought I’d committed some heinous crime and offended somebody. Facebook can be a real wind up at times. Glad to see you tootling along though, work looks great 🙂 I shall follow your posts here as I also have a wordpress account for school and one for the stables. Happy creating Eoghan 🙂


  2. As usual I forgot to say that I love your prints! I wouldn’t be afraid of diversifying….since when did some up himself gallery owner dictate the direction of an artist? 😉


    • Hi again Lee, thanks 🙂 I’ve spent my entire adult life at the mercy of the private gallery system, I have one or two great contacts but I have also had those who chose to judge and steer my output of work. This is partly why I’m in my current dilemma of finding a path thet feels truly authentic, though I feel I’m close to realising it 🙂 Bye for now Eoghan

      Liked by 1 person

  3. silly me, I meant SAbine 🙂


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