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Perpetual Transition

October 28, 2014

I’m full of cold at the moment and so I decided to rework some of my digitally coloured drawings. Because following my recent printing and framing experience for an exhibition I was able to re-appraise these works with the understanding of what they look like in the flesh. I feel that I can go bolder and further my approach with colours and tone. It’s all part of the constant growth and learning process from the practice of art, which serves as a reminder of the fluidity of eternal regeneration. In our life’s we can connect to that flow or dwell in stasis because we have the right to make that choice. I have made the bold choice of a more fluid approach because it has set me free as an artist. With this approach there is always a feeling of hope and optimism because you are not held back by your last work and the ties of expectation. Now I no longer look for the big idea, instead I explore the possibilities that arise through my process.

checking out the move 1

I have developed a technique of colouring my drawings through a combination of photography and fairly crude software which I use to degrade the images and create my own colour signature. I am slightly colour blind which has always affected my colour work and it is the reason why I was forced into finding a more detached process and approach.



I use colours that feel right and though there is no apparently logical approach, the outcomes have a similarity and the process is evolving in what I feel is an interesting way. I’ve been working with this process for about twenty years now, but it is only recently that I have chosen to explore it as a key element of my creative oeuvre. If I was bluntly honest, I would have to admit to my guilt of allowing the pressures from my position within the art world to overwhelm my creative independence. 😦


a horse head7


My process is heavily dependent on a strong initial drawing, however the digital reworking feeds back into the drawing process and allows an objective appraisal that I feel is leading to a dramatic improvement in my drawing. In my case I feel it’s a great bonus, not only because there is a great improvement in my drawings, but because I also have growing collection of coloured print worthy images and of course my four thousand plus drawings.


a horse head6

Not all of these images will work as prints, however this process does allow me to try out many spontaneous ideas, in which I can search for my own means of expression. Sometimes these are so in the moment that it may take a year or so before I can look at them with fresh eyes and understand if they have any worth as exhibitable prints. In one respect this particular approach leads to unexpected work, work that is beyond my radar, which not only tests me out but also expands my aesthetic sensibility. My approach to sculpture is comparable in that I am learning to play beyond my comfort zone, where I dance in the dark, though not literally. 🙂


a horse head11

I can play with elegance, beauty and harmony, side by side with ugly challenging and brutal in fact all options are open to me, well at least what my imagination, thoughts and feelings allow. It is an incredibly broad area to explore and I believe we are all lucky to have this potential as part of the gift of life, should we choose to use it.


bridge style5

And now I must get back to the misery of my cold 🙂

❤ ❤ ❤



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