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Deconstructing Tyranny

November 2, 2014


random acts of metaphor

Random Act of Metaphor

There is no doubt in my mind that being an artist can be one of lifes most complex vocations, I mean even defining art is almost an impossibility.  Though of course the level of complexity is entirely at the discretion of the individual as well as being a consequence of the multiplicity of environmental factors. I as any other artist, have my own unique experience of life, which I take for my reality and I assume this to constitute my environmental influence. It is both limited and expansive and whilst its consequences are an absolute contributor to my sense of being, they may or may not be limited in terms of a broader relevance. I for my own well being must believe in all the factors that constitute my sense of being in order to express myself as an artist with any real conviction. Environment on its own is complex yet understandable, however the magic of life, the biology, our genetics and the complex engineering of our bio mechanics is beyond my comprehension, because it is an area steeped in mystery. Even if you could fully understand the biological factors that contribute to our existence, it would still be hard to explain or understand our cosmological connections and on a simple level to even understand our personality and reason for being. What I’m getting at is that, the sum of our parts exceeds our ability to comprehend them in a conventional or academically rational sense. So we are forced to accept a level of mystery about our true reality of being and whilst the conventions of society offer us a distraction through a manufactured reality, this doesn’t always satisfy the enquiring mind of an artist.



Loose Leaves of Loss

My art and environmental factors have enforced a profound level of enquiry into my approach to life and whilst I know that many questions will always remain unanswered, I feel compelled to continue this approach. In one sense I get great satisfaction from my level of personal development even though it makes my life extremely complicated and in a sense quite lonely. Lonely because my approach to life is an inconvenience to society because it can’t help but question the values that underpin society, it is also a journey of self realisation without a populist agenda because I don’t believe art is about a simplistic performance in search of universal celebrations. It was the reality of my environmental factors that forced me and ultimately gave me the strength to make the cold choice, either stand up and be somebody or lay down and be a dog’s body. I chose to stand up and be proud of who and what I am and to realise what I feel is my own truth and purpose for being witch funnily enough is to produce what I believe is true art. But it is a difficult choice because my work is becoming an exploration of the unknown, as I often freely admit I don’t even understand it myself, yet I must face up to whatever reaction it gets. The work I make can be awkward at times and not what people would like to hang on their walls and it’s a tough choice when I could use my artistry to charm fond reactions. But my reality is that I’m an artist and I must produce real art at any personal cost and I must be strong enough to face up to whatever reactions it receives.



Meet Mr Scribbles

Having made some tough choices in my own life I must move forward  and continue on the path that is bringing me a deep level of satisfaction and growth and by looking back upon all my experience I must learn to appreciate everything that has brought me to this place. I was at one stage worried about being consumed with bitterness from the rough road I’ve travelled, because I had adopted the stance of victim. However over the past few years I have transformed  my personal status into one of self empowerment, as I took back  full responsibility for my actions and toughened my general approach to life. Over the past four years I’ve almost totally deconstructed myself and seen through the folly of sentiment to a point where I realised that I need not make sacrifices because I owed nothing. I still feel the same inside, though I’m now free from the shackles that I allowed to restrain my possibilities and I’m no longer afraid to be totally open in expressing my views. In a way I’m  just returning to the territory that I always occupied before I was fed to the sharks of the art world, though now I’m bigger and stronger with and an assured belief in just who, what and why I am and with my true purpose for making art intact. We can all bring our offerings to the table if we have the courage to realise our vision and the world is a much richer place for such contributions.


Loose Leaves Gathered

When I talk and think about art, it is with a sincerity and belief in the beauty of our human possibility, a celebration of the greatest gift.  I just feel that art transcends the purility of containment and the simplistic controlling nature of institution. It is my hope that some art may escape from the current general consensus and that art may once again find a place within society where it has a significant role based on sincere engagement. An engagement based on a broad demographic that is both meritocratic and democratic, after all I feel that art should not be about some great flamboyant show but more an intimate engagement through connectivity. An engagement that is accessible to all, so that we can feel and touch and be connected with human possibility on every level, without being intimidated by the erroneous contrivance of false context.


When art becomes a reaction to art, or made to fit within the context of the “art world” it becomes a diluted statement, in my mind, what I would call an applied art because it has not come from the sincere and sacred source of art that is within us all. It has in fact at its very source acquired a direction which has dictated its course away from the freedom of expression for the express purpose of engineering a reaction. And it is here that I have fought my life long battle, because I have remained obstinate and true to what I feel art is, my art has always been my authentic voice and it means everything to me. Yet I and my art have been judged in the commercial art world, often harshly where my work has often referred to as applied art, which couldn’t be any further from the truth. Had my work been accepted and encouraged I would never have had to learn to write and explain my lifes work here in this blog, but it wasn’t to be. And so I must be condemned to continue writing and explaining my approach and feelings about art and its value to society.

Bye for now beautiful people 🙂

“I am alone and you are alone, yet through art we are connected”

❤ ❤ ❤

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