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Lamenting the Ephemerality of Being

December 14, 2014


Things have gotten a bit heavy with my life recently and a few months of intermittently ill-health only compounded the suppression of my joy for life. My commitment to resolving my creative crisis became so overwhelming that it led to me working crazy hours and existing on a poor diet. The result being that I have become slightly anaemic, looking pale and feeling tired. That living thing we all do is pretty complicated and doing it without a smile and feeling jaded just totally sucks, as I’ve found out recently. I guess you just have to play your cards at given times and review your position, making reactionary moves untill you feel ok. I had always taken my smile for granted until I allowed life’s circumstances to start wiping it from my face. Wiped as I tried to overcome some seriously mature theoretical issues. I did however find what I was looking for in terms of an artistic direction, but now I need to relax again and enjoy my life in a broader context, through simply accepting who I am and living a healthier life.


I’ve concluded that the transitory nature of being is both a unique experience and responsibility, which is complicated enough in itself, but we are social creatures and our interactions complete the jigsaw in defining who we are. As an artist you spend so much time in the wilderness of contemplation, that social integration is often awkward, awkward because your life is defined by the compelling internal dialogue which describes one’s art. The realisation and expression of creativity is the most absorbing process that I’ve experienced, with incredible levels of intensity, through the focused thoughts which absorb the entirety of your being.  As a result artists often come across as being quite crazy people and also socially inappropriate at times. In my experience,  real art comes at a price and can require total sacrifice and dedication. There is no set path or method for creativity and the day-to-day formalities of life often get in the way of the process, as you struggle to shape your expressions to fit within the limited parameters of convention.


Personally I love the little windows created by artists and the unique insight it offers into alternative explorations of consciousness through their different perspectives. After all reality is not a constant by any means and we each have our own, which is often taken for granted. For my own part I’m always surprised by my self belief in all that I do as an artist, though I do realise that my vision is not universal by any means, although it does reflect a curiosity which many of us hold. It is a curious balance at the best of times and something that you can never hold or own, like all that is beautiful in this world, the transient ephemeral beauty that can only be held in memories. As an artist if you are lucky you may capture these moments to share, gestures that can enrich what is often a reluctant society.


Bye for now beautiful people xxx

  1. Balance is a good thing. I think a person has a responsibility to look after oneself; EAT PROPERLY!!! Being an artist is for sure a struggle, but it sounds as though you are generally doing better these days. I wish you well for the Christmas time. Lots of peace. 🙂

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    • Thanks Annerose, I started to live off muesli and toast and didn’t realise my nutrition was suffering. So today I bought a basket full of iron rich healthy foods 🙂 I do believe that I’ve crossed the hurdle and have found my way to working happily again. I hope you have a great Christmas too 🙂


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