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The defining line

December 22, 2014


I’m ending this year feeling pretty good, with my sense of purpose restored after years of turmoil. It is a mystery to me but something deep within protects me from taking my gift into the zone of meaninglessness. It’s happened before in my life and no doubt it will happen again, that when my intent becomes eroded by the corrosive impact of compromise, alarm bells start ringing and the auto-pilot changes my course. When I’m back on course my equilibrium is restored and I feel that deep sense of purpose that has always been my companion. Just how far off course I was this time is astonishing to me, my whole purpose had been subverted into ambitions and desires that had nothing to do with what is important to the soul of my being. Whilst it wasn’t an indulgence in shallowness, I would say it was more about conforming within the framework and criteria of  convention, when art is surely about freedom of expression.


When I come through difficult times, it’s only through making sense of my circumstances and astonishingly by processing everything it all appears to be so simple in hindsight. As an artist I’m also aware that my human experience is all that I have and that struggling with the mystery of creativity is both complex and challenging. By imposing my will into exploring creativity and expressing what I feel is relevant, I am making decisions that are tenuously arrived at from my free will, my societaly influenced mind and the mystery of my life source. There is no singular answer or solution and this is why the process is so complex and why being true to yourself is almost impossible. The technical issues of art also play a part and I look to improve that side of my practice, because I know that by not worrying about ability, I am free to make what I please without unneeded restrictions.


Art makes you question yourself very deeply as you search for ideas and reasons to express. it questions you to the point where you have nowhere to hide, because you are exposed through the outcome. So it takes courage to find the truth, particularly when the outcome may be unappealing, though it is here that maturity allows you to take more risks and find your purpose. As a side issue I have found a purpose to my life through art but I still can’t find a purpose to the course of humanity based on observation of recent events. In one sense humanity could be viewed as an evolutionary species of fauna, but you can’t help but question the wanton destruction of habitat and environment. Is our current calamitous approach based on the collective consciousness of the world and the result of our combined will, or are we being led by an elite who impose tight controls over our activity for the personal gains of the monopolisers. If we are simply being led like lemmings by an elite then it is a sad indictment for the power of the masses as it exposes the frailty of human intent on both a practicable level and on a spiritual level. Whatever the cause there are major issues that simply can’t be swept aside, but at least through art you become aware of these issues in he microcosm of your own existence.


Through my own work I have been drawn to thinking of a one world, one tribe approach, a world without boundaries in which there is a common goal and purpose. I’m also drawn to the divine feminine and the rise of women to address the balance of a world without balance, so that the world can be nurtured and allowed to recover from the brutal exploitation at the hands of man (something which is already happening in surprising places in the world). Another theme close to my practice is connectivity, because our lifes are so removed from our animalistic reality that we are almost disconnected from the truth of our origins and the planet we inhabit, which actually makes raw creativity even more difficult. So in the throng of this dysfunctional reality I explore the absurdity of daily life in which we have been conditioned to exist, a society constructed through abstract economic dogma that enchains our existence. And it is my hope that I can peel away  the layers that shroud a deeper truth to my reality and find hope and purpose that transcends the suffocating oppression of the controlling state. These are my concerns as an artist in a nut shell and this is what I choose to express, through all my art. I have arrived at them through the practice of art and no doubt there will be further developments as I grow further through working with an honest intent. But for now I would hope that my art questions, exposes, demonstrates, deconstructs, subverts and provides a catalyst for thought and reappraisal through my gentle humour and feelings of hope. Of course my work is just a vulnerable offering of one, but I do have faith in the potential of collective contributions which form the whole and I like to offer my contribution.


I must say it’s a fucking relief to finally understand what art actually is for me, why I believe in it implicitly and to have the courage to share my thoughts openly, now I actually can keep on keeping on 🙂 What I do know of my own practice is that my interest is about broad philosophical questions, which are focused on the fundaments of existence. How this manifests itself in my work is more through the sub-conscious in that I have faith that my actions are driven by an intent that I cannot avoid. This leaves my work ambiguous to the viewer and myself alike, but if my work was to be absolute statements it would define me as brittle, where I feel to be quite open-minded and unresolved, because I know that I do not know. Too often in art there is assumption and pretence as concepts are set in stone as absolutisms, through the rigid interpretation of ambiguity into singularity. In my opinion the attainment of wisdom is about being forced to admit to yourself how little you actually know and demonstrating the humility that is required for an open mind to develop. Absolute beliefs are in my mind foolish and only limit our potential, whereby the curious open mind offers a path that has unlimited potential.


❤ ❤ ❤

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