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The art of purpose

December 30, 2014


Through my art I feel and experience a sense of meaningful purpose to my life, however when I ask myself the question, What is the purpose and meaning of human existence? I can find no obvious answers beyond a magnification of the individual journey. All I feel I know is that I am a small part of a whole with a relevance that is as much consequential as it benign. I don’t even know whether or not there has to be a reason for life and on a broader level the existence of anything. When I look at the consequences of evolution in our shared war-torn world, a world divided and exploited through economics and religion, I just wonder how the collective consciousness of the world can allow such suffering. And  if we are part of a greater cosmic wisdom contained within our essence, why do we exist in a state of tribal madness, unable to unite and use our consciousness and evolutionary wisdom to pursue a common goal for the futherment of humanity. In this divided world there seems no purpose that is for the greater good of humanity, as the greed fuelled crusaders empower themselves and protect their kingdoms with tyranny. Hierarchical society just doesn’t seem to work because it simply cannot be democratic, in that some people are “more equal than others”. A world where the peaceful pursuit of harmonious existence (by some of us) is utterly destroyed time and again throughout the world, till we submit and exist within a phony empire ruled by implication and fear, rendered powerless by our oppression. I often write that it’s not easy being me and I truly mean it, because I have never taken anything at face value and my life as an artist has always exposed a reality which I cannot ignore. A reality that I now pursue through writing as well as my art, because I believe that one day I will find a true meaning and purpose to my life, probably nothing earth shattering but instead something that will bless me with a felling of harmony.



As an individual with a feeling of purpose I would really like to feel that the gesture of my life is part of a small contribution to a bigger picture, it’s just that I can’t see it and I would really like to. I would like to be able to see the sense of our environmental destruction, our greed and selfishness as we act with impunity in ignorance of consequence. And I wonder if our evolution that is leaving us disconnected and dumped into a virtual word is really evolution. A life governed by the self-appointed few who’s only qualification is unbridled greed and lust for power, their influence as thought leaders reflected throughout the tiers of society as we all jump in to the fray and grab what we can, provoked and driven by fear for a future untold. It is for me a distasteful and short-sighted approach to life which defies the logic of human co-existence in society and one which through its devisive nature leads to conflict.


To think with clarity as an artist, I believe you need to access a level of freedom that is out with the societal conventions that govern our lives and this is not easy to do because it takes strength of character and an assured sense of belief in ones mental capacity. To enter an area of thinking that may have no relevance to anyone else, that doesn’t offers answers to conventional questions or even look sideways into current trending. Never mind going viral because I’m talking free radical 🙂 , the possibility of ideas existing in an unseen unnoticed singularity, because they cannot have a place within strictly controlled environments. It is so complex when you think with boundless freedom in a society that is constructed with boundaries when our whole lives are socially engineered in order to secure our compliance for the greater good. Yes we are all free to exist and think freely within the confines and rules of our society, but for some of us that simply is not enough and we feel like prisoners. As I always say to be original you really have to reinvent everything and play by your own variable rules and as I found out recently even my own rules were inadequate, as I tried to impose a rule on a series of 29 drawings.


When it comes down to my own art and writing I can’t help but find the inconvenient truth to be more attractive than the conveniently packaged forms of expression and this is because I find life to be complicated and without simple solutions. This choice is both endearing and alienating in equal measure because the passion behind the work is clearly visible but the content is more challenging. Like with my writing which is both clumsy and awkward because I believe my truth is only available through writing in the moment. However I feel that when this concentrated period of reflection is over that I will be able to distill my musings into a few simplistic compositions and coherent writings, if I still have that ability. But for now my explorations are still pretty much live and present in my being.



Happy new year beautiful people and may 2015 be good for you ❤ ❤ ❤

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