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The artful artistry of the arty artists art

December 31, 2014


My last blog of 2014, a year noteable for an increased desire for the blogging of myself into oblivion. 🙂

Following the declaration of Duchamp’s urinal as an object of art the art world has been flooded with pale imitations in which anything is art if declared to be so, which is fine if you don’t like substance. But for me I enjoy the challenge and struggle of a deep search for originality in which I can define my own being, by understanding my own coding. Though finding myself has been a struggle and will continue to be so, though I’ve already found out enough to start defining what life has brought to me. There is still a long way to go, but I have glimpsed possibilities of freedom through the chinks and fissures that my endeavours have opened up. I can feel with my drawing that I will loosen up to a point where I can draw whatever I feel and in turn these new ideas should materialise through my sculpture. What I’m writing about is arty art and based on years of developing my artistry to a level in which I’m attaining the creative freedom to make the art of my choice. Theoretically art may sound simple, but in reality it is a practice that is based purely on decision-making which is governed by how you feel inside, exposing you to others and to yourself. Confidence plays a vital role in the liberation of self and it is here that I have struggled greatly because of the heavy imposition we are all subjected to in life. In the end I just had to say that I don’t give a fuck about what other people think of me and truly mean it, metaphorically I became a tortoise with spikes. I take the side wipes and just carry on regardless, making what I believe in and living my life.


With an attuned sensitivity I believe it’s possible to make interesting objects out of almost any bizarre or complementary combinations. In my own practice it is a matter of accepting conceptual possibilities beyond my current levels, using my aesthetic judgement as a benchmark of acceptability. To explain in a more simplistic way: making a sculpture which I feel is interesting, without understanding it  and being prepared to wait for up to a year or longer to realise why I made it or what it could possibly mean. It’s about ditching the controlling and judgmental view-point and replacing it with a more open mind, so that you can allow the improbable into your life. But here there is also a danger of irrelevance, which is why detached objectivity is so important. I understand that my flaws are so deep but I feel that is just a part of the human condition and I will try not to let it hamper my own liberation.

I never really think about my blog as a public outpouring, but more of a conversation with the unknown, just casting out words into the ether of the great virtual void. But now  my blog has become my authentic voice as an artist and I appreciate all of you who have taken an interest in my posts, it means a lot to me, because it allows me to feel a connection.  As an independent artist, this blog is my only outlet for theoretical development and thought, because in daily life there is no one who wishes to be bored by my thoughts, so I choose to have this dialogue here with whom ever takes any interest. I’m not tempted to direct my writing towards any commercial or formal practice because that would impede on my unstructured approach. Similarly with my drawings I refuse to sell them because they are my open enquiries uncensored by the thought of commodity. As an artist this approach is paying off through an accelerated  period of personal development, in which I am finding a way forward with a strong sense of meaning and purpose. At fifty-one my identity crisis is finally starting to subdue as my sense of self is becoming established through my practice.


The salutary lessons dealt to me through my pursuit of art have changed my outlook in a profound way and given me the strength to follow my own instincts, regardless of history or the reactions my work receives. I hope soon to make great strides in becoming one with all I do and being content in the moment of my own existence.

❤ ❤ ❤

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