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The American Nightmare

January 4, 2015


My blog is a reflection of my thought process and I feel it is important to communicate openly in a world that discourages open debate as we all posture for position in a prescriptive society. Drunk on the excesses of capitalism as our senses are bombarded into oblivion, where we all feel obliged to be at the party in case we miss out on the feeding frenzy that is eating the world to satisfy our lust for meaningless experience.


As I sit in a room with my three children in an ordinary street in Northern England, all I’m aware of is the voice of America. It has been this way my whole life and I have fought against the cultural imperialism that America uses to empower and enforce its nationhood in an attempt to achieve global supremacy. The American system is clever but deeply flawed on many levels, it rewards compliance and eradicates resistance using the carrot and the stick method of social control. I know my feelings are shared by many and have been for a long time, in fact I was just reading a Wikipedia biography of Che Guevara and was quite astonished by how I could identify with his concerns.


If anything the global domination by America has accelerated in a phenomenal way, however  I don’t believe it is all a deliberate or calculated act, but just a part of a political philosophy that is endemic in all levels of American society. So that  the institutions just work within an implied set of values that have become fundamental to surviving within the state and the subconscious expressions only serve to futher the cause. The philosophy is one that pretends to be transparent and panders to basic human feelings, so it can be grounded easily through a basic “common sense”. Because of this the system is almost self policing as there is a basic format for what is right or wrong. In this system the media and cultural output is vital to maintain the status quo and for a few reasons, all of which pertain to an indoctrination which leads to social control. It’s almost like a zombiefication of the world, in which we all become consumed by the hypnotic powers from Hollywood down to Facebook. For instance with films it’s not our place to question the true underlying reason for the film, but instead through the distraction of awesomeness to discuss the issues prescribed to us. So whilst we feel empowered by our experience we are instead being disempowered through a powerful message that enforces social control. Film is a powerful media on a global level and through glamour it seduces us all on so many levels, teaching us how to be, how to look and what to buy. Through escapism it lifts us out of our “meaningless” lifes and dumps us in a world of make belief that is pure bullshit and to all of this we are grateful. We are essentially paying to have our lives diminished on every level as we buy into pure fantasy and it is not benign because it reduces our experience of reality which disempowers us. In this sense it is like an addiction which needs satisfying by bigger and better when in reality (I believe) the peaceful connection with self is all that we need. To exist in the moment without desire gives me a great sense of inner peace, yet I’m subjected to this continual bombardment of destabilizing meaninglessness.


You may ask why would I even bother to write this stuff and why it should bother me so much and I can answer that, it’s because I often feel that people are unaware of what lies beneath the virtual glamour of the American dream and also that I don’t want to live a life dominated by a philosophy that is based on oppression and exploitation. A world in which the term value relates to dollars only and our lives become homogenized into a simplistic generic state of being. But what really bothers me is that I’m sitting in a room with my three children and there are gadgets and tv’s all broadcasting the American coolness, slowly brainwashing them into consumer heaven. The fact that the American cultural output  is dominating the popular media in the UK shows how oppressive and dominant it is and how globalisation is currently all about exporting capitalism and opening up the world market.


There is a huge difference between the dream and reality but if you’re selling such a big dream there will be many takers who find the ordinary existence lacks glamour and will trade that for the dream. Empowered by fantasy to live a life lifted from mundanity into a virtual world, disconnected as they “float in a most peculiar way”. As an artist I feel that it is my responsibility to  cut through the bullshit, as I search for a deeper meaning and truth and in so doing I must question everything so that I may be able to achieve a more pure level of expression, cut loose from the insidious dogmas of oppressive political doctrines. It is the freedom of being and as a father I would like my children to have the choice to be who they feel they are as opposed to being minions at the whim of globally motivated folly.


I must add that I’m not anti-American and that my issue only lies in the global exports which dominate the culture of my own country, imposing alien values to my consciousness. Values that I constantly have to battle in my daily life, just in order to be me with my own set of values and sense of being. The good thing for me is that I’ve resisted thus far and though this alienates me a little, it’s a small price to pay for a potentially meaningful life. Without questioning and revolution there would never be any change and right now this is lacking in many modern societies as we are held in bondage, like prisoners to our economic obligations. As an artist I observe and comment through my work, which is all I can do. However the subversion of art as it is sacrificed to the values of capitalism is deeply concerning to me not only because it further marginalises people like me but because it dilutes the integrity and authenticity of human expression.


Bye for now blogland ❤


❤ ❤ ❤


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