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The dying Art of Britain

January 5, 2015


Having lived my life stuck in Britain, I can write first hand about the poverty trap that holds so many artists in bondage until they comply or are broken and disregarded with the trash. However it is a complicated situation rooted in a corrupt hierarchical system which has enforced suffering and tight social control for hundreds of years. A system in which education is calculated and offered at levels seen fit for the various tiers of society, the ruling classes always faring better. A society in which secrecy is enforced upon us by an elite who do so because they have so much to cover up. Is there a need for secrecy and if so why is there an us and a them that would necessitate it, in the beautiful democracy in which I live. And secrecy by its very nature would imply deceit and a paranoid environment that requires  duplicitous solutions. There are of course many reasons and one answer is that there is no true democracy, now there is no longer even a dividing line between opposing political parties, as government has merged and evolved into a managerial role as a guardian of the economy. A role which never questions the status quo, but instead upholds the institutions no matter how corrupt they are. For example what is wrong with one person one vote that counts, I can tell you absolutely nothing, though we are told it could give a voice to extremist beliefs. On every level we are manipulated into a way of being and thinking according to prescribed rules, laws and areas that fit within the system. I believe it’s a nanny state and all dissenting voices are soon neutralised by the protocols that secure credibility within the acceptable institutions of authority. You only have to look at the establishment feeding frenzy on Russel Brands book and how they are trying to discredit him, just because he’s a working class lad who got too big for his boots.
I feel that the laws, systems and philosophies behind our system are extremely tired and based on draconian principles that cannot be revolutionised while the hierarchy remains in place, so instead we accept minor adjustments a tweak here and a tweak there, but no real change. Because of this there is a level of stagnation without any real vitality or energy, because we are taught to just accept what is. The establishment is so well protected and the elite cohorts with shared backgrounds at the finest establishments guide all of society through their key positions in business, banking, government, journalism, publishing and so on. Oh yes they do let a few plebs train at the noble institutions but not enough for them to get a foothold and again this is not without reason. However the majority are held in bondage through various means including educational indoctrination, economic factors and the distraction of entertainments, which has always been enough to maintain civil order. I too doffed my cap for too long and silently realised my place as unworthy unless I proved myself in the public melee, the theatre of deceit. And only at the age of fifty was I able to finally stand up and have the courage to admit defeat and walk away so that I could lick my wounds and make sense of my life. Now I write and share my experience and thoughts in the hope that by casting pebbles I will create a ripple.

I now see my nation as one without any coherent vision or plan beyond existing within the world economy and without a reason or purpose we are essentially adrift. Now there is still a desire to uphold the establishment, but with the economy as our only barometer for positioning we are being led blindfolded into a state of being which is becoming increasingly meaningless, because our goals are becoming more and more based on the vanity of consumerism. When you sit down in a silent room alone and ask yourself the question, what is the purpose of my life, it is a big one that is hard to answer. But when you ask yourself what is the purpose of humanity and life on earth, Hell that one is huge.

Back to my point and condemnation of the elitist establishment, an institution which is staunchly guarded by the aristocracy and ruling classes and my question, why we just accept the levels of secrecy believing our purpose is not to question why. But Britain is a nation in decline on every level, not only because of a reaction to our colonial decline and the fact that we as a nation live off past glory, but because we are not democratic or meritocratic. There are for example no opportunities for people like me and so we live out our lives ignored by a system steeped in arrogance and ignorance. And as the infrastructure starts to crumble, the patching up process continues but it is a losing battle because without any true direction a ship will drift untill one day it becomes beached, washed up.
I would have liked to have been offered some support as an artist but instead I work in filthy cramped conditions and I am in fact the lowest earning person that I know. I draw on cheap paper and live a fairly basic life, but I have not given in and the fact that I’m reduced to drawing speaks volumes for a one time sculptor. A sculptor that had no place in his own country and no reason to continue to work beyond the passion of art and creativity. It’s funny but so many people have said it would be great if I organised a book of drawings but the truth is that there is simply no interest from any part of the establishment. Whenever I approach people there is a polite and curt reply, thanks but no thanks, I no longer approach anyone because I now prefer to live my own life, where I can question and analyse and do as I please in my own modest way.


I believe that I’ve now seen through too many thin veils and can no longer play games with the sanctity of art in the hideous compromise of the so-called art industry, because I’ve crossed a Rubicon and discovered a purpose for my art beyond even the need to share it and I no longer desire to see it picked over by the self-appointed, as I found the validation of my own art was purely within. “Purely within” because I no longer jump through hoops in search of praise and ego because when “I’m alone with my own little soul” all those other  things are “alone with theirs”. I cannot be given contentment by others because it can only come through the depths of my own satisfaction and I’m talking soul deep.
So back to the premise of my essay, I feel we have in fact become a nation of followers who would prefer to live a life tucked under the wing of America, so that we can just exist safely. However there are time bombs ticking all over the establishment as the veneer is wearing thin and exposing the levels of exploitation that have been going on for years . Now they are just rumours but they will not go away and they implicate previous governments to the highest levels and members of the untouchable family too. So we play fairy tales and unfairly patronise the proletariat who are in fact the back bone of this nation, we champion entrepreneurs and eccentric inventors who offer the ray of light that anything is possible with the pomp and ceremony of jingoistic patriotism. But the reality is that our culture and identity is being eroded because we do not value or nurture  the ordinary men and women of our country.Yes their is tokenism but that is all and it simply isn’t good enough.


Sometimes I feel like my life has been a social experiment, I chose to live a most ordinary life as an artist in a most ordinary setting and I decided at the age of 22 I would allow my art to be my voice. I have firmly held to my chosen path and led a quite extraordinary life, I believe my art is of a high standard but nobody else really did and I found that in my ordinary life no one was able to help me break into the establishment and my work which has been widely exhibited was always ignored. My idealistic model for a life in art has been destroyed in the harsh environment that is my reality which is hard to accept but it also makes me smile, because I’m far from broken, there are plenty more fuck off you fucking fuckers in my arsenal. I have to say that my disappointment has been neutralised by the wisdom that my adventure has brought me. I’ve grown beyond where my wildest imagination could have taken me and still feel immersed in the utter beauty of being,no bitterness and just staring down that beautiful challenge.
I’ve now reached a point where I hardly produce any sculpture because there is simply no point, not because my ideas aren’t good enough but because neither my face nor my sculptures fit the whim of trending. And my face will never fit because I could never be a puppet of the establishment and play life as a game to further the frail vanity of folly . I’m often critical of America but an American friend reminded me of my own nation state and its chequered past and for this I hank her (Jackie) because she sewed a seed that helped me gain greater perspective and overview of my circumstance.

Life for me is not about a blame game but instead a journey to understand and find a true path that feels right, I think deceit and pretence are the enemy of creativity and if an artist is unable to unveil their truth to themselves, then their work will always be compromised. It really is that simple but getting there take a lifetime and a convoluted journey much of which is blindfolded.


I write openly as a man with an enquiring mind, I don’t seek to offend individuals, though I will confess to being provocative (deliberately) for which I make no apologies. In one sense life is a huge responsibility that must be taken seriously and we are all participants, what we feel and think makes a difference and a life lived without the expression of truth is an opporunity missed.

Bye for now beautiful Bloggers ❤ ❤ ❤

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