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The Purpose Hunters

January 6, 2015


I think in the context of the 21st century that Art is becoming even more complicated, as the physical reality of our lives is being eroded. I believe this erosion is severing the earthy connections which link us to our humanity and the origins of our existence which is all part of an evolution that is probably just ongoing and inevitable. I can’t judge any outcome or see any conclusive reason but I do feel that we are already being lifted out of a deeper earthly connection where we are almost suspended between reality and virtuality. Held by the enormity of escapist distractions and neatly tuned in to the cyclical consumerist celebrations, which give us all something to look forward to.


technology has brought us a long way, through industry, agriculture, education and medicine, bringing us health, wealth and plenty of free time, all of which has changed our lives drastically. In art, machines have been invented to print sculptures and software has been developed to create amazingly slick two-dimensional imagery, which is currently flooding the world. In this spoilt for choice world, art is suffering as the big loud and brash, silence the quiet voices of reason and dominate the arena. In this day of the great corporations, monopoly is the only game in town as the small independents are cast into the wilderness.


Right now it is complicated for me because my art is about connection and connectivity and I always hoped to reflect the human journey from cave to present day, through subtle references that visually relate to the evolution of humanity and society. At first I could see the gaps in the field of equestrian art and set about resolving those compositions that had not yet been dreamed of. I showed respect to this field of study and worked so hard, because I knew that some amazing work had already been done dating back over 30,000 years. I was for a time proud of my achievements, because I had found an area of study in which I was innovating on many levels and in some senses rewriting some of the rules of basic equine composition. But as I offered my work to the world I became aware that my values were not respected broadly at all and though I believe that I have succeeded in this part of my role as an artist, I don’t feel that this connects with the sudden turn that western society as taken.


Now, I have made many adjustments in my approach to art because of necessity and I live an uncertain life as I try to work a way forward that will bring me satisfaction regardless of outcome. Some days I feel good about who I am and my work and others I feel quite lost and useless, there is no real balance but then the world I live in has no real balance either. So my life and art at least reflects a truth of my circumstance and the fact that I as any other being can ever truly understand the magic of the universe.  But I live in hope that I will touch upon a little piece of magic from time to time.


Too often I get caught up in the political folly of life on earth, the warring factions and religious tensions that divide the world for no good reason and I really wish that I didn’t, but it’s a part of life. You see as an artist you cannot hide from the beauty or the horror, because to understand the human condition you must open your eyes fully. And it’s not  only to the present but the past also as you try to reflect and create a vision of the future. That’s right, funnily enough, there is more to my art than just fiddling with a bit of clay, to make it look nice and so you can put it on your mantlepiece and say awe isn’t that beautiful.


In all of this silent witnessing as an artist, I develop strong opinions and feel so passionate about many causes, knowing full well that there is little I can do beyond the few gestures of my work. I also now know that I own my struggles and am responsible for my own decisions and journey, something which I didn’t fully realise untill the last few years.

The artist is classless and free and has the privilege of access to all tiers of society, it is a unique position and one that is vital to a healthy society. But my question at the moment is: Is western society healthy? and I ask this because I believe it is not. And it is my fear that a society driven by huge corporations is in fact quite sick as the uneven distribution of wealth leads not only to exploitation but also a hideously unrestrained force capable of manipulating almost everything, including art. Right now the economic power of the corporations is racing ahead of that of governments, undermining the authority of elected bodies. It’s quite frightening that we are now subject to the whim of ugly corporations whose driving force is, greed, monopoly and profit and when you analyse it further this is what is currently leading the direction of humanity. So this is where capitalism has taken us, but we are all drunk on the excesses of our consumption and blinded too, so that we no longer worry about where we are heading. In my opinion, money in the hands of society is an ugly commodity and for a country to be driven by a market economy is equally ugly and short-sighted. And I say this because we are all born with great possibility, as special beings and with all that potential, what do we do with it, well we fight for money and position instead of looking after each other and celebrating the wonder of our lives. In short we sacrifice our potential to perform in a constructed arena in which we pretend, accepting our socially engineered existence as being the only show in town.

It’s a big problem for me and I look at is selling your soul to play in the game for a bit of money and all the fringe benefits that it brings. As an artist I don’t belong anywhere and it can get real lonely because not many people want to talk when the conversations tip over the edge, so your left alone to work it all out. Of course you can stay within the bounds of acceptability, but if you know something isn’t quite right, you just have to take a look. For this I’m still patronised on a regular basis by people who should know better, but hell this is the price to pay for stepping out of line. I’ve got big enough shoulders to take it and I know that what I think and feel can be quite undermining on the frailty of others. But for my own existence I still need to find a level of truth that will lead to a fulfilling life, a life with meaning and purpose and inner peace.

Artists may be overlooked as eccentric but many have very powerful minds and deep insight 🙂

Bye for now beautiful blog world ❤ ❤ ❤



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