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Fighting for Freedom

January 9, 2015


Freedom is something that we can never take for granted and I believe it is something that is not explored enough, because we simply don’t need to, in a society that caters for most of our obvious needs. Though I do feel there is always something bubbling beneath the surface underlying our obvious condition, a subtext, I feel it in me and when I look around and observe people I see it and I hear it in conversation. For me the subtext relates to the compromise imposed by society, which in turn represses the human spirit, particularly in adult life. It is the result of our conditioning and social engineering that teaches us to discipline and censor our own lives, so that we may fit neatly into the matrix. We are allowed a degree of movement within the conventions if we don’t mind being considered a bit crazy, but the social pressure that binds our beings is powerful or at least it was in me as I discovered in my recent search for an authenticity to my own art. In my own case an unconventional life just didn’t protect me from self-deception as I struggled for recognition and a place in society.


Sometimes I feel a great sense of clarity as everything appears to fall into place, but it’s always fleeting and I realise that most states reflect the ephemerality of existence itself and that in life you never really arrive, because experience is, just that “experience”. Everything is questionable and absolutes are only markers of intractability, because our reality is flexible and uncertain, even though society tries to enforce order and hierarchy. Hierarchy depends on status and status is both relative and flexible yet we fall in and conform to assumed absolutes. I think that what I’m trying to say is that the essence of the human condition is perhaps compromised in society, which is why we have to cultivate the ego and a false set of values and beliefs, all of which disconnect us from our inner truth. So we learn to smile through gritted teeth because deep inside we are not happy and can never be happy, because we are not living true to what we feel deep inside. To compensate we seek escapism through the screen, by having holidays and trying to enjoy the fruits of what money brings, but they are meaningless to the soul. In my own existence I would trade all the trappings of consumerism so that I could just feel the inner beauty of a contented life as I close my eyes and go to sleep.


Having absolute beliefs only demonstrates a level of folly and ignorance as is demonstrated in the world when people assume an arrogance that there is only one way for living. And when people wish to impose their dogma upon others at any cost and by any means, they are in fact doing a massive disservice to humanity. The controlling assumptions imposed on others is a crime against humanity particularly when it comes from a place of ignorance. No one person has such wisdom that they can satisfy the needs of a population of an entire planet and there is no singular movement that is a one stop shop for paradise on earth.

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