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Some Mono Prints

January 22, 2015


I’m in perilous danger of returning to a life on an even keel, after years of necessary agitations that forced me into pressing the reset button. It feels good to have worked through so many of the overwhelming concerns which were neutralising my artistic expression, to a point now where I feel relatively free. It all comes down to the confrontation of self, lifting the blinkers and seeing just who you are for real. It wasn’t easy for me with all my lifes baggage but I’ve come quite some way and as always there is much to do. I think when you are awake to the reality of your life there is always so much to do, life is but a brief walk on this beautiful planet and the more interesting and challenging it is, the more I like it. I just want to live and feel my life as a worthwhile experience and a celebration of my gift, in spite of any hurdles.


Sometimes I find the need to take a breather and contemplate, like at the moment particularly after the last four years  which have brought many new ingredients to my lifes feast, through my writing, drawing and sculpture. So much so that I really need to work a way forward and consider my options. The passing of time can give a different perspective and that is what I need so that I can snap out of my intense phase and see exactly where I am as an artist and just exactly where I am on my human journey.


At the moment I’m making a few mono prints of previous drawings, it’s really an exercise in testing out the solidity of my ideas and I also hope to be able to sell some so that I can fund the continuation of my artistic development. So far I’m pleased with the early results which seem to slot neatly into the development of my 2D work. Hell I’ve even set up a Facebook page to try to sell them ” Eoghan Bridge – Prints & Drawings” It’ll be interesting to see if there is any interest in what I consider the back bone of my creativity.


I’ve had a pretty shitty week which reminded me that life is full of salutary reminders that awaken my senses, reminding me that life is real and present and constantly in the balance. And stress goes hand in hand with a life in art, because it creates reaction and people struggle with such confrontations. So no matter how meek and mild you are, you’re always in the firing line and in my own life my stress levels are still too high for a healthy life. My physical health isn’t great at the moment and as I keep struggling to return to full health I keep suffering set backs, too much too soon when I recently tried to excercise regularly again. But all these struggles that we each experience allow me to contemplate my  reality as they expose the issues which plague my life and I realise that my perceptions are still so limited. My mind is too closed and my thoughts are disrupted by the sensory overload of  contemporary living, so much so that it’s hard to think straight. If my life was plain sailing the outcome of my creative expressions would be so different and this highlights the individuality of sincere expression and why we are all so unique.


So here’s my reason for finally setting up a page to market my own drawings and prints: After selling work pretty much exclusively through galleries since 1985, I felt it was time to start marketing my own work a bit more. The reason being that only a limited selection of my art was available, which in turn influenced my output of work. The effect is that art becomes a market led product and reflects the market economy wich governs our lives. As an artist this compromise was eroding the integrity of my art which is why I’m currently making the changes to ensure a greater level of authenticity.
It is a risk in some ways but then the whole nature of art is a risk that tests your personal courage and takes you to the edge. There are no guarantees that people will want to buy your work and so you have to create a market from scratch, with the hope that there will be a response to your art. Ultimately all you can do is create what you believe in and face the consequences, but to live a life as an artist fearful of free expression is in my opinion a dilution of your lifes potential.
So here on this page I will offer a few works for sale and see what happens and I can do this because at the moment I’m working well and for all the right reasons. For once the marketing of my work as a commodity will not influence my future works, because I see it as a side shoot and just one of many options open to me.
I believe that my work is a fair reflection of me in all aspects of being, with emotion and passion that reflects my perceptions of life and the world. And that is all that I can offer because that is my truth and that is all I want to offer.
It is had to price art because it is used as a commodity and often in quite a vulgar way, people see it as an investment and attach a false set of values, something which the mysterious quality art seems to encourage. But I see art as something that should be affordable to all people, yes it’s a slight luxury, but it should not be exclusive. As a citizen used to living in the comforts of poverty I have never been able to afford to buy art from the galleries where I show my own work and this has always disturbed me deeply. But at least now through my drawings and prints I can redress this balance and feel content that I acted on my conscience

❤ ❤ ❤

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