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limitations of Mind

January 27, 2015


Fighting with the unbearable frustration of trying to open up the limitations of my mind is part of a daily battle for me and all part of the search for freedom through art. There was a time when I could be easily pleased by my endeavours untill I started to see through them and on to much deeper levels, levels which seem to expose far greater possibilities. As an artist one is free to choose ones direction and levels, which in my own case has been part of a slow evolution, (at times too slow). I had complacently accepted that I could make a living from my sculptures and in doing so I had concentrated on commodity as opposed to my search for profundity and growth through art, something that I now try to address on a daily basis.


It is a complicated dilemma because this approach to art is not really linked to the generality of every day life and feels quite demanding, it is not about impressing others or making a splash, no, it’s about the realisation of possibility. I really believe we are all capable of so much and yet society washes us with complacent values on a daily basis that limit our freedoms. Of course this is just my perception taken from my life experience and observation, but it is all I have to go on. However I do believe that our own lifes create our empirical knowledge, which is why it is so important to realise our possibility and believe in ourselves as worthy. There are no certainties or absolutes in my life beyond those I impose on my own existence and sometimes my mind is so open and laid bare that I feel I know nothing.


My life has been refreshingly ordinary in suburbia, a place in which I feel comfortable, despite the art world pretensions that I must assimilate into my life.  Though I find the practical realities verses the ideological struggle quite interesting and enjoy the responsibility that artists have of making their work accessible to all. At the moment I can admit to being slightly lost in a search for a substantial way forward, though I feel one is slowly emerging that cannot be rushed. It is a connectivity between the disparate elements of my art to create a whole, so that it may emerge as a cohesive body of work. To somehow connect what may appear random and fortuitous is not always easy and I’m also faced with the struggle of moving forward and facing the courage of my convictions to work without the fear of alienation, which some work brings to my life. I think that what I may be waiting for is the unification of all my practices into an equal footing, where my conceptual credibility is matched by, my two-dimensional work, my three-dimensional work and my writing too.


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