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The authenticity of intimate art

February 4, 2015


The stark realities of this world can be quite disturbing and even though I listen to less news, I’m only too aware of the constant acts of brutality, that plague humanity. Sometimes the emotive nature of violence blinds you to the real cause which is really quite simple and centres around the psychology which holds us all in bondage. There is no doubt that the old sayings like two wrongs don’t make a right are as pertinent as ever today, where sickening acts of revenge only stoke the fire and fan the flames of emotive savagery. These acts of savagery work on emotional levels and herd people into tribal factions who will carry their divisions and pass them on through the generations as part of a brotherhood of common bonds. No matter what excuses are used to justify abhorrent behaviour, be it religion or politics or whatever, the root cause lies in the nature of humanity which will be used by certain individuals as leverage to enforce an agenda. I believe our duty is to see through the confusion of mixed messages and find the truth, because the solutions can only be found there.

Violence that is state funded has no right to the high moral ground as likewise the indiscriminate acts of independent terrorism or freedom fighting which grab the headlines, don’t either. But right now this world is becoming a truly murky place with hidden agendas that are fueling acts of global savagery. And the lack of transparency only serves to inflame the situation as the hidden agendas are pursued. There is also a growing lack of trust because those we trust are unaccountable and not deserving of it, yet disturbingly we feel empowered because we have our own private screens to beguile us.

However when you ignore all the grotesque details, what is actually troubling humanity to such an extent that life is losing its sanctity and allowing our levels of decency and respect to fall into ruins. Is our fate to become so desensitized that we become vulgar caricatures of life where nothing is sacred anymore.

When I think about life like this, I see it in a complete simplification, an exaggeration of traits that lead to conflict through inequality and false empowerment. Which boils down to a frustration brought about by the inability to exist with the freedoms that we are born with. But to keep it simple I would like to focus on the difference which fuels conflict, which I believe is quite primitive and boils down to greed and the simple desire for a hierarchy. I also believe it is an inherently male instinct which has finally led us to a final great celebration of excesses through the great capitalist dream (nightmare), which is leading to a deconstruction of the frail human ego and exposing the meaninglessness of material possessions. A world in which exploitation is justified by the world economy which governs our lifes and misguides our humanity. If there is no defined morality in the governance of our lives and we are subjected to the violence of capitalistic Propaganda through our screens on a daily basis is it any wonder that we are engineering our own armageddon (yes I’ve been watching some films recently). Right now we are reaching the bottom of that slippery slope where we have sold our values, but they’re not quite so easily bought back.


Which ever way you look at the troubles in the world, you can trace it back to a root cause, in spite of all the smoke screens and poor excuses, and place the cause in the flaws of human nature. But the current problem is that it would take the collective consciousness of the world to enforce change, which is not going to happen very easily in a corporate world, where the hierarchy is so firmly empowered, and a big enough percentage of the population is happy with the status quo.

These global problems are relevant to the microcosm of our own existence, so as an artist excluded from the mainstream of society, the study of life gives me a different insight which is hard to interpret and when I do there is no one to share it with in the current corporate environment, this renders me as an artist somewhat impotent. And it is something that I have grown used to and must accept, as long as I don’t allow my work to fall into a bland state of meaninglessness which reflects the political global trending. It is for this reason that I believe art like mine is fundamentally important even though it is a miniscule part of a sub culture, because the expression of human frailty is key to what I believe is our true condition. It reminds us that we are vulnerable and unsure of our future or meaning, that our lifes are a journey of discovery and not a bombastic declaration of absolutes and supremacy. Art that reflects life and our human condition has a value beyond money and can touch us deeply within, like nothing else and yet society rides rough shod over so many of us, through what can only be described as blind arrogance, which is why you can often hear me say “fuck off you fucking fuckers”. A little cry of defiance that allows me to register my protest and continue on my way.

Free speech comes with a price tag and that is one of responsibility, particularly if you believe free speech is not about the persecution and condemnation of others. Freedom too comes with a price tag and that is also responsibility, unfortunately the so-called freedom of the west has been brought to us through savage exploitations backed by wars and oppression, creating divisions through sheer avarice. I believe that; simplistically life should be relatively peaceful and through community we should share and nurture in the hope that together we move forward in harmony but this seems counterintuitive to primitive instinct. Yet the aboriginal civilisations that existed in relative harmony with the planet appeared to work until they were destroyed by the march of tyranny. I know ultimately that I have no solution as just one of the seven billion residents of planet earth, yet I live in hope with the little bit of optimism buried deep inside of me. And through my art I find a meaning and purpose that lights my way out of the darkness.


❤ ❤ ❤

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