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The born again Artist

February 17, 2015


To express all you have, your thoughts feelings and reflections through an intuitive language of visual communication is just so complex that it goes beyond words. It’s difficult to quantify it through a montage of narrative strands because it isn’t arrived at  through an ordered assemblage of content in a linear way, or at least it isn’t  in my world. I would say it explodes into being, born out of struggle and chaos in a vain attempt to make sense out of  something so vast that it goes way beyond the breadth of my mind in the moment. It is not about order either, instead it is about a coherent expression from a mind on fire with thoughts about everything that forms the whole, a realisation that absolute knowledge is beyond our grasp and that just maybe through the creative gesture we may grasp something. So here in the fruits of a commitment to art, the expression adds up to something greater than its parts, the mystery that is beyond a simplified interpretation of lifes reflections.

Briefly touching the mystery of life through art is all I try to do, to feel the magic that each of us hold within our grasp, but to feel it we must lift the blindfold and learn to see what is in front of us without prejudice. To be stripped bare of the vanity in which we are dressed as part of the uniform society demands, to just be released for a moment so that we can be at one and touch our universal truth.


Yet to follow this path I’ve had to endure a lifetime of knocks and I still do, but finally I’m strong enough to take it because I can’t deny my true direction, I find it increasingly difficult to endure the negativity that enters my life as a man who just wants to create in a positive way. However I have come to the realisation that I must try to understand my circumstances, accept them and move forward with the knowledge but not hindered by it. Something which I practiced in the past before allowing it to be eroded by insensitivity and ignorance. The problem is one that I’ve written about before and centres around the sensitivity of the artist in the firing line of a dynamic and sometimes hostile world. You have to be strong to be an artist and so that you can express yourself with freedom, something that is easy to write but so difficult in reality.

But for me I’ve endured that struggle and am set to move on with what I feel is the most exciting collection of work and ideas to play with and I’m going to allow it to lift me to new heights and bring all that positive energy back into my life. So that my work can become a celebration of the adversity life offers, whether it be the good, the bad or the ugly. The burden I felt is no more and I start with a clean slate, no expectations beyond a belief in my own creativity. Yes I’m afraid I’m a born again artist 🙂


Anyone can make a pretty picture but few can touch your soul

  1. Go Eoghan!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Annerose, It’s been a complicated journey but one I had to endure to set myself free. I think I’ve made a few friends on the way and lost a few too, but I’m glad I stuck it out and blogged it all here 🙂


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