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The Disco Kid

March 3, 2015


Drawing for the last few years has led to some interesting results on many levels and it’s been great fun too. Now all I have to do is translate some of them into some new sculptures and see what happens, though I’m struggling to narrow my search down into specific areas.


It was three years ago when I decided to draw every day and at first my ideas were quite specific, however this approach led to a freeing up and an approach of drawing in the moment. The drawings were often quite surprising but more importantly I was becoming more attuned to myself and finding my creative soul. My work became less about commodity and more about artistic expression, which led to me seeing art in a new light.


What I feel is important to me is how my aesthetic sensibility and palette have undergone a huge metamorphosis, which has allowed me to break free from my engrained expectations. Now I often draw at the edge of my possibility, work which I don’t really understand, beyond it having a relevance in the vagaries of my mind.


The drawings in this blog post are secondary drawings based on distorting existing drawings and offer a further inquiry into my initial ideas. I believe this process is important to the development of my work and as always it’s a blind search, because I have no idea where it is leading beyond the vague notion that it’s of interest.


This process of manipulating existing drawings has yielded a large number of new drawings which I feel are of interest. Some of the ideas are quite conventional, involving proportional manipulation and some of the ideas are a bit more off the wall which could lead to some bizarre sculptures.


But it is in these drawings that the key to my creativity can be found, because it is my testing ground for ideas where I work with as much freedom as I’m capable of achieving. This aspect of my art is carefree fun, it’s real and dynamic and I can do as I please and all that results is a bonus and a validation that my approach to art works for me.


My process of distortion is done three ways, the first is digitally on a laptop and secondly I will print the work out, draw over it and sometimes trace it so that I can draw it in reverse and test how well it works. The third option is to start a new drawing based on the results of my distortions, however this can often be quite difficult when I only just understand the initial manipulations. Because art is all about judgements and decision-making you instinctively feel when something is right and works, often without truly understanding why. I say you have to remember that most things of significance in life are a great mystery.


I could go on posting more and more of these drawings but there are simply too many 🙂


Meow ❤


❤ ❤ ❤

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