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Artless or Artful

April 11, 2015



Art is a complicated form of human expression and one in which I believe there is no sustained balance. Yes there are brief moments of balance when everything fits into place, but on the whole artists are left in an almost constant state of juggling. I guess it’s like the blossoming of a flower in which so much effort and energy has been used to create an ephemeral gesture of beauty. My thinking is that because art is not a preordained expression, it must be created and nurtured like a flower, with all that hard work finally becoming invisible as we are charmed by the blossoming. What I’m describing is art with substance and great integrity where the artist paid great respect in order to treat us to something very special.


The problem that artists have in the current generation is that they are not encouraged to explore the subtleties of creativity, which is a direct result of the crass values of economic oppression. This problem runs deep, because it starts in our limited education and continues into all the strands of the art world. It’s an impossible position for an artist like me because I cannot compete in a world that supports creative gestures which adhere to an entirely different set of rules or values. I see the current trending as the celebration of style over substance, where art is all about being big brash and showy with a usp that will become the talking point and defining gesture. It’s more about being clever rather than intelligent, bold and brash as against subtle, all of which means the quiet artists are trampled and silenced in the throng. It is a serious matter, because it’s symbolic of a wider malaise within society and the current political values which dominate our lives, the short-sighted approach that is all about the I.


The art world is just a reflection of the wider world and the values we adopt as a society and because of this it is important to us all because it allows us to look at ourselves with a different perspective. As I sometimes say we artists hold up a mirror to society, for people to really be able to see their true reflection and so it’s important to experience a broad spectrum of expressions. For my own part I was always a rebel and I fight for my beliefs which is why I’m marginalised in the art world, in a way I can expect no more than I get from this world, yet my defiant nature makes me feel I deserve more. I also believe sincerely in what I do which Is why suffer the indignity of poverty and this is because I believe in the sacred gesture of art as a timeless gift and celebration of life.


My gesture as an artist is really to remind people of the timeless fundamentals of humanity and celebrate the common experiences that existence brings to our lives. In the main I do this with my horse and rider compositions that carry both a literal and metaphorical content, they are subtle and searching and I endeavour to employ sophisticated levels of composition and artistry. To arrive at the content of my work I try to be open and follow my intuition, some compositions just appear and some I really fight and struggle with, but there is never a specific narrative, because I don’t think in those ways. Instead my art is about an immersion in my subject matter and less about intellectual impositions or point making. Art that is a general reflection of my life, my experience, my reaction and my intuition, because I’m not interested in specifics or contexts to guide my conceptual approach.


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