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The Art of being

April 19, 2015



As an artist I often wonder just why the simple act of expressing myself has become like a complicated walk through a mine field. There is a constant line of hurdles and obstacles that prevent me from making the work I believe in and exhibiting it to the public. Every day I fight and battle against the odds to try to remain afloat in a hopeless struggle, knowing full well that as an artist I have no hope of just showing the fruit of my endeavours, beyond the token gestures in the virtual world. This is because Art is under a constant subversion into commodity and artists are laid to waste in an erroneous search for credibility and validation.


What has happened is that there has been a slow power shift which has taken the creative responsibility away from the artists and handed it to the arbiters of taste and decency. The Praetorian guard which stands between the artist and the public has become a barrier and a distraction, simply because we no longer trust the judgement of artists. Instead we trust the words of critics, collectors and commercial dealers, people who do not have the empirical knowledge of deep human creativity. So strong is their influence that we, as artists have to work to impress them if we want to get anywhere within the art world.

I mean who gives a fuck about critics, a bunch of self-important ego’s, who assume ultimate knowledge and wisdom in a process that is hard enough for the most scholarly artist’s to understand. And yet as artists we need critical acclaim to be empowered and given the right to communicate to the world. It is really through convenience that we submit to the powers that be and just accept a system that has eroded art through a toxic mix of conformity.

Artists really need to address the balance of power and take back the responsibility for human creativity by reconnecting with the fundamental process. Even though this would take courage and involve a great deal of sacrifice, because if we don’t artist will continue to be led to the slaughter in a search purely led by money. Because ultimately the whole system of the art world is one that is built around fiscal philosophies and financial exchange. The empowerment that money delivers and the critical investments of the elite means they play the tune to which we all dance.

The sad truth is that art is really becoming a side-show in a parade of vanities, disconnected from reality in its own smug kingdom, the land of art for art’s sake. And the sad thing is that people are often alienated from art because of this, which is shameful, because art should be for there for everyone and not just a mechanism for a back slapping elite to glory in.


It is so interesting making art because through that internal dialogue, it strips you bare and exposes the realities beneath the smug conceits of being, exposing just how enchained I am within the system. There is a such a huge chasm between freely creating from the fundaments of being, to those of creating commodities for a market in the hope of success from vain ambition. My whole life is characterised by this struggle, which I have been unable to articulate or understand till recently. The price I have paid for this indecision caught between two worlds has been quite a heavy one and has led to feelings of isolation as people turned against me. But I have stuck with my search for authenticity and feel vindicated for my choices, because finally I’m touching upon what I feel is genuine creativity. Creativity rooted deep within my psyche, that has no purpose beyond free expression

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