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The Art of Convergence

April 22, 2015


When, or if, as an artist, you get over your ego and the pretentiousness of the art world, you can choose to dump the vanity and bullshit and start to make real art. Or that’s what I think and hope to prove through my approach as I work through my ideas and evolve  in what feels a natural way.


Once clear of the debris and baggage you can embrace the chronological order of life and the natural broadening of ones horizons, through experience and the hunger for knowledge. But you have to avoid the pitfalls of societal life which distract and subvert ones art into the parade of vanities. You have to fight the urge to seek comfort in a life in which you are encouraged to work towards building a nest egg with the aim of retiring in comfort, because life is for living, in the moment untill the end. And I write this  because I feel society directs and implies ways of being which are not about personal evolution, instead we are encouraged along superficial paths whilst being pacified by escapist trappings. Part of my struggle is about trying to remain free in my thinking and so that I can avoid the distractions which have been engrained in my psyche, even though this position is uncomfortable and very much on the edge, but because of it I feel alive and present. There is a scene in a Steve Martin film where he is struggling with two brains and caught between them, which is just how I sometimes feel as I try to break free from my conditioning. 🙂


I’m slowly coming to the opinion that conventional success is often the downfall of creativity as people feel obliged to perform and maintain their status, this is for many reasons but the insecurity of losing status and position in society is up there. I think that is why I always describe myself as a loser in the world, because then I’ve nothing to live up to and I can feel free to make mistakes and just do what comes naturally to me. It’s kind of funny that because you make one interesting sculpture, it doesn’t mean you can make another, because no one is superior and we are all susceptible to our human foibles. Yet we champion role models and often celebrate artists holding them up as flawless genius’s, which is all part of how society works and how we are held in bondage, subordinated to our roles, as in everything has its right place.


In my obscurity I live an intense life, a bit of a cliché really where every stroke or gesture of art feels deep and meaningful, because it is so significant to my life. But that is the reality of working with a total belief in all that you create and why it is so hard to accept the human failings which we all experience. As I grow older the process becomes more intense and I find it harder to feel any satisfaction with my efforts, even though I’ve already gone beyond what I felt capable of. So I fight an intense battle within to alleviate myself from profound disappointments with my work and look for something new, a development in any direction that will unlock a door into a more advanced way of seeing. Something that will awaken me a little and give me a feeling of worth and purpose for a moment, even though the exhilaration will be short-lived, it is enough to keep me going in my endless search. So I look for something to broaden my aesthetic visual capacity through  accepting  forms, volumes and proportions which I have not yet imagined or that I may have at one time dismissed through my closed thinking.


What I do know is that, I’m still very much under achieving and have so much more to offer if only I can open up my mind and explore further outside  my comfort zone. I work at this every day, focusing on becoming more open in the hope that I can continue to evolve my conceptual overview and break into territory which is new to me.


❤ ❤ ❤


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