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The Art of Expression

May 31, 2015


When I fell into this world, I sure as hell didn’t expect the buffeting of  a stormy, tempestuous life, but fate dealt me an interesting set of cards. A life in which I’ve had to fight to nurture the kernel of strength and resolve at the centre of my being, the defining  creative impulse. I’ve always felt that there’s an unshakeable stability within which is non negotiable, no matter what is thrown in my path and I have the determination to realise a sense of freedom through my art. Of course I have to survive in this material world and embrace the art of poverty (a small price to pay)  in exchange for the art of freedom. Because freedom is what I do best, and by surviving on very little and creating out of nothing I become the author of my own destiny and fate,  creating my own life story. Art defined through an authentic struggle of exploration,  through an intuitive and empirical process. A life  in free fall through the shared experiential journey, holding on to the vagaries grasped momentarily before realising the futility of trying to capture the essence of moments in this sea of ephemerality, we call life. A journey in which there is no right or wrong, a journey without rules, boundaries or absolutes, in which I must be humble and accept my limitations to gain my freedom. I could pretend it’s different and operate within the limited parameters or confines of convention but art has taught me that the breadth of  our possibilities is mind-blowing. It has also taught me about pride and folly and how the truth of your approach is etched into the work you offer to the world and I’m always left here with more questions than answers.


It’s my hope that in spite of the obstacles in my path that I will be able to leave a few artistic gestures that will communicate what my life has been about, but even if I don’t, my life still has a purpose that can’t be measured or gauged beyond how I feel about it, and how I feel about it fluctuates anyway. I do however still firmly believe that it is possible to live a life of virtual freedom and one in which you can find a deep sense of purpose, holding onto the dream no matter how many times it is clumsily stepped upon by careless souls. In some ways I feel that one of the defining purpose’s of art is about striving for freedom, because it is an area of human possibility which has no confines and if an artist can’t feel free then society has problems 🙂 . Creativity being a mystery to us all, undefinable and always uncovering something fresh and new as it offers hope and possibility. In fact I never cease to be amazed at what art is and does to your life and perceptions, sometimes the mistakes are the gifts, like rewards for belief and commitment, and these ambiguous gifts open your eyes to new possibilities, suggesting pathways to follow. And it is the opening mind which allows you to see the world afresh  a world of possibility beyond your imagination. The incredible thing is that the art I produce is almost like a by-product from a way life dominated by contemplative thought. When I make art I don’t think about it as a product or its financial values, instead I think openly and freely about the various facets of my life.

I’m starting to think that as an artist you live on the edge of reason, robbed of absolutes and thrown into uncertainty as you’re cast adrift into the margins of society. Existing on a mixed cocktail of the rational/logical mind, fused with the spiritually intuitive sensory impulse. And with this fusion it is incumbent upon the artist to explore the possibilities they find, shape it into a convenient form of expression and then try to show it to the world, if they can get past the reluctance of the guardians  of the institutions.  The irony is that Art is often met with a certain amount of reluctance because of its inconvenience, an inconvenience because it can threaten the fragile equilibrium of society through its provocation nature. So as an artist you tread on a fine line caught between derision, praise and obscurity because of the impudent thoughts and ways of being.


❤ ❤ ❤

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