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What a World we Share

July 1, 2015


As a young man I chose not to follow a conventional pathway for an artist, choosing instead a “normal” life in suburbia. And so I let my intuition guide me in a search for an authentic life as an artist. I had hoped to become a true artist within society and discover a way of expressing myself without compromise. I wanted my art to be accessible and not a pretentious gesture which pandered to societies elite. I’m glad I made the choice, particularly now that my experiences have taken me way beyond what I imagined possible and I can only look forward to more surprises.

As an artist living in contemporary society I have to admit to the basic struggle of finding my true self and also maintaining the connection to self, because in this competitive society we are constantly under insidious pressures. Cajoled into conformity through the systematic conditioning and brainwashing by the institutions in place to control us, step out of line and your side swiped back into it. My comments on society may seem a little bizarre at times but as an artist I feel awakened from the pulse and rhythm of society and on days like today I almost touch on freedom. But in order to feel free as an artist I cannot conform or accept what I feel are the limitations of society and as I look at society I wonder if we are empowered or imprisoned.

For example are we as a society are happy to exploit the worlds resources, abuse animals, pollute the seas and skies and it’s not just mother earth because we enslave and torture fellow human beings too, we go to war and destroy civilisations and we do this through our patriotic and tribal values, where we absolve ourselves from any guilt or moral conscience.  What I’m getting at is that individually we have values which don’t translate to the group dynamic because somehow the social instinct and rules of society negate responsibility. Why as a man do I feel entirely powerless to enforce my will upon anything and why as a man should I live with a set of rules which mean nothing to me, what right does society have to dictate to me and rob me of my freedom.

So because my values differ from those dictated to me I question my society and the motivational force which drives it, I question why those who rule are almost groomed into these roles through their own conditioning and above all I question the purpose and aim of humanity. The current system in the west has made prisoners out of us all, we feel free because we are free to play within the rules of capitalism and if we are unable to achieve what we desire then it is deemed our own fault because we have an even playing field. But the playing field isn’t even and democracy is non-existent, and so we are rendered powerless and at the mercy of the controlling powers of the world.

So if my gut feeling is right, then the world is heading in a direction which few people would want on an individual level, so why this crass exploitation and demolition of mother earth. Why must we live lives subjected to  desperate escapist mechanisms which suppress our desire to maintain the simple connection and pleasure of being, why should we disrespect the beauty and simplicity of being as we scramble to fill our lives with vacuous escapist nonsense, in a life of continual media bombardment. A brainwashing bomardment through the screens we can’t escape from, screens which dictate our lives and screens which are our window to the world in our new virtual reality.

Life offers so much and yet we are forced to accept a compromised existence, a life without truth, a life sacrificed for a reason that we don’t really know, it’s a crazy world  that needs to change and so that we can learn to value the simple value of life once again. From my artists perspective our collective approach to life just amazes me and it fills me with so many ideas and no matter how ridiculous or extreme they are, they all pale into insignificance in this mad world.

I believe art can teach us so much about life because it allows us to distance ourself from the general consensus and it allows us to question everything from outside of the fold, you see how agendas are set and how communication is used to guide people and distract them from the lateral possibilities of human curiosity. How we are controlled and distracted by the confines of the controlling systems in place, and this is why art is so important and why art should not be connected to fiscal viability or controlled by rich patrons. Free artist’s should be an asset to society and are (in my opinion) vital to a healthy society and their value goes beyond their work because it is their experience which is telling of the society we live in, it can in some ways be subversive and often revolutionary. 🙂

I for my part have made many observations in my own life, which I freely share in my own clumsy way, it is my contribution from a life in art and one in which I believe whole heartedly. I would love to be able to articulate my reflections in a more coherent and structured way but for the moment will have to make do with writing in the moment as I juggle with the ingredients of my life.


❤ ❤ ❤

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