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A Moment for Reflection

July 2, 2015


I’ve had a few days off with a school trip, camping in a field with lots of well-behaved kids and parents, existing without my art  and a failing iPhone. The landscape was idyllic and the world appeared to be an untroubled place of fundamental beauty without any pressing concerns. I slept well and felt deeply rested after abandoning the intensity of my creative regime and embracing a slightly more social aspect of being. I just relaxed into the camp without worry even though I noticed my extended periods of solitude had left me almost unable to recall people’s names, possibly because my mental energies had become so focused on specific disciplines.

The last few years have been a vital chapter in my life and I’m aware that it’s time to progress with a greater level of assurity, a time to unify all my life lessons into a coherent whole which will define my purpose for being and give a meaning to my life. A life which has compelled me to find the character to step out of line and follow an unconventional path, a path which has placed great strain upon me. However I’m hoping that these few days will have given me a reflective gap which will allow me to move forward in the construction of my life-long jigsaw.

I do believe that my whole life will make sense if I can find the confidence and belief to piece it together, but it will also take courage to embrace and communicate what I feel deep inside about life and how I express it through my art. So I must place trust in my intuitive approach to creativity and move forward with what it shows me and it is that risk of exploring the unknown which yields so much of my inner truth. The mystery which guides my life with a purpose through my ability to express myself regardless of societal pressures.

In many ways the last few years have been all about clearing the decks and finding the courage and space to express myself freely, almost like mantras through which I establish my direction and deal with my issues and distractions. I have to say that I’m delighted with my progress and feel that I’ve found a deeper understanding of life through the understanding of my own mysterious existence. And it is an understanding of life which I feel goes beyond the feast that is laid out for us through the mechanisms of our controlling societies. So my views on politics, philosophy, art, fashion, film, music, technology and life in general, have shifted dramatically.

I have sculpture to thank for all my knowledge and see it as a vocation that gives a person time to contemplate, our earthlyness, our cosmological spirituality, our intellect and our intuition, in fact it allows one to contemplate the lateral dynamics of human possibility, whilst remaining grounded by the reality and discipline of creating complex three-dimensional statements. It always amazes me how far I can travel with my thoughts no matter how disturbing it is, because I feel assured that the technical disciplines of sculpture will realign my equilibrium.

So that brings me neatly back to my sculpture which is the demonstrator of my lifes energies and where the mystery of my purpose is slowly unveiling itself beneath the humour and the curious juxtapositions. I often pass my work off as pretty crazy but it really isn’t, they are statements which exist to provoke a reaction as opposed to being benignly decorative, sometimes people choose to insult me about it and sometimes people compliment me about it. But however it is received  I would like it to be understood that my work is not about the art world because I have chosen to express what I feel is a shared human truth of being, something which I believe we all must feel within (to some extent). However in this world where we are distracted from our truth by the required compromise into conformist doctrines I feel that as an artist I’m bound to search for the extraordinary. Because it is through the extraordinary that we find the key to unlock our assured beliefs within the parameters and constraints of society. Art as a catalyst, questioning perceptions and unlocking doors into new ways of seeing or just offering different windows into the wonders of existence.


It’s ironic but in choosing the path which I have, my rewards on a human level, have far exceeded my expectations, but in order to do this I’ve had to lead the most precarious life, constantly on the cusp of material survival and so exposed to a stark reality on the edge of every aspect you could think of. But it is this reality which has been the source of my inspiration and stability, the keeping it real and finding the character to be a real artist as opposed to being a pretender in the parade of vanities. Sometimes I feel proud of what I’ve achieved, but I’m not complacent by any means and I realise I still  have mountains to climb and right now I’m enjoying the lull before I embark on creating a new storm.  So before me lies great uncertainty with the constant challenges of life awakening me a bit more each day as I embrace the gift of each new day without the presumption of  a diary in lifes great adventure.

❤ ❤ ❤

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