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This Mess We’re In

July 7, 2015


This crazy world bothers me deeply because as an artist I’m an outsider and I get to see it and experience it from a different and detached perspective. I will confess to approaching art from a fairly puritanical stance because I look for a deep and fundamental connection to the timeless qualities of being. Something which I’ve faced criticism for and endured a fair amount of derision for, but art needs a touch of provocation and you have to accept the reactions. I’ve found that you have to be brave and dare to be different to realise your truth and just go for it regardless of the wing clippers out there.

As an artist you plough your own furrow and walk alone, you don’t follow the crowd or hide within the masses, instead you have to stand tall, exposed as an individual. You question everything in a search for truth and relevance because creativity is not about lies or cover ups, it’s a gesture of sincerity from the core of being and from the heart. Who you are, how you feel, what you believe, a reaction to being and a connection to being, it is that simple yet infinitely complicated. I believe it is the responsibility of an artist to offer sincerity from what is a privileged position of freedom and  people can make what they will of it.

Sometimes it is difficult to be open and honest because your perceptions of life through creative practice, make you see the world and society in a way that is out of kilter with what we consider, normality. I think this is because an artist’s vision would be compromised by being assimilated into the masses, so you try to keep in touch whilst floating in your own peculiar way (as Bowie would say). I’ve struggled in this area of practice and remained silent for many years because I found it hard to be open with often unconventional wisdom or thoughts. But in the end I felt it was important to share my experience of art and my perceptions and in doing so I’ve grown immeasurably as an artist, with freedoms I once could only have dreamed of. I believe in what I make and write and so I have no issues and have learned to accept the reactions as part of lifes experience.


The consequences of  a life in art are the interesting levels of insight which are brought about by the unique perspectives of each artist, and in my own case I feel that I have learned so much. My life often feels like I’m drowning in a sea of negativity but out of it all I find hope through the positive gestures of my creativity and I’m always amazed by the sheer wonder of human potential. The beauty of the human soul and the vulnerability which we all share in a life that touches and senses the ephemerality of what we feel but can’t own or even truly understand.

From my outsider’s perspective I see society locked into a direction which troubles me, a society caught up with economic values and consumption. A society with values projected away from inner contentment, agitated into competition in what is a selfish race to gather all we can individually. A society which looks up to the rich and greedy, a society which celebrates the entrepreneur as the saviour and giver of hope, society which promotes hierarchy over social equality. A society which disconnects us not only from self but from each other as we fight to fill our lives with synthetic meaning as a means of pacifying our soulful discontentment. Sometimes the simple act of being, extraordinary as it is, is enough, to simply sit in silence and solitude and feel the comfort of existence without distraction. To hear the beating heart and feel the oxygen enter the body as we breathe, becoming aware of our true selves and simple needs, away from distraction and interference.


Our needs are so simple and yet we complicate our lives with meaningless content wich agitates us into disconnection. Once disconnected we are vulnerable to the powers who choose to exploit us, desire and envy becomes key to the roller coaster of a life of continual exploitation and disconnection. We are so bombarded it’s no wonder that people are awakening and wondering what the hell is going on as we are locked into a frenzy of meaningless consumption and gluttony. Surely this exploitation is not sustainable and we all know that, yet we just accept it as our fate, because of our continual conditioning and bombardment.

For me it’s a crazy rat race out there and in my own life I’m the poorest man I know on a financial level and yet I feel as rich as anyone in human terms, because art has taught me about the simple values of being. I have made that choice to step out of line in my search for a meaningful life and have found what for me are life affirming values. And I proudly share my work and thoughts regardless of reaction because they are my truth and that is all I have to offer. I now feel a contentment from a deeper connection to my spiritual reality and a greater understanding of the society which my life is subjected to. So finally through all my contemplations I’ve found a balance in which I experience an inner peace, I survive the material world and I offer my creative gestures.


Have a beautiful day

❤ ❤ ❤

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