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The Art of Truth

July 9, 2015

266 As an artist searching for a meaning and reason to make art I can’t help but wander off script and in the end I just had to tear up that script and start again with a set of values based on the steady foundations of my years of study and contemplation. I had no choice but to accept my own interpretation of life and circumstance in order  to move ahead with my life and creativity. In doing so I have found the key to an authenticity and truth which I express through my work and through the writing of my thoughts. 🙂 268 For a while I’ve felt the prescriptive doctrines of contemporary society can blunt creativity and limit human dexterity as we are slowly led down the path towards unyielding compliance. A society in which a growing delegation of tasks is removing our responsibility and understanding of the whole, due to the “sophistication” of our evolutionary developments. A world in which we understand a few components or aspects but not the complete process or picture, and sculpture is as good an example as any. An age-old process and method of expression which is falling into a trap of thoughtless production, where simple ideas are conceived by so-called sculptors, before being delegated to machines and technicians for production. Like artists are almost too important to make their own art in this world of ambition, ego and market led production. Even though sculpture is a holistic process in which untold possibilities reveal themselves by adhering to and respecting the complete process. A world that is losing its focus because one eye is on social status and the possible material rewards of the next big idea. A world in which art is becoming the boastful showpiece as opposed to the deep and soulful shared expression of commonality which binds us together in our shared experience. Art of difference and class/social segregation has no place in my life or my thinking and this is why I feel so alienated from the “art world”, this “sophisticated” world contrived by an “over” evolved society which is leaving core human values behind. Because society has become caught up in a crazy race of consumption and envy in which “more” has become the buzz word because a society based on desire has a singular direction. Desire feeds power into the hands of corporations and government as we become dependent on the next installment from our overlords. 272 There is an alternative to desire and consumption, but it takes character to buck the trend and invert ones snobbery and it takes a huge shift in values. Values which the leaders and corporations fear because they relate to truths of being, independence and the questioning of authority. Values which liberate human freedom and condemn the structures of destruction and dependence upon state and corporation. In my own life I found when I turned my tv and radio off and lived in my own reality that life is different, without the advertising and brainwashing of the media I became the real me, living and breathing and walking on the planet I share and love, without the weight of state oppression. For instance in my reality I have no enemies and no one who I would like to bomb, exploit, imprison or dominate and I felt no need for a government to go and do it in my name. And I felt like this because I’m happy to be alive and engaged in something which I feel passionate about, something which brings a value and sense of purpose and belonging to my planetary civilisation. A reason to live and exist on a planet beyond mindless consuming, where I feel at one with my spirit, which binds and connects me to the beauty of timeless existence. Life is so simple and yet we complicate it and submit to what we conveniently attribute to our innate nature and instinct, we attach ourselves to hierarchy and justify it as a compliance with an assumption that it is a fundamental to human socializing. But this is a convenient interpretation which is used as a means of social control and to maintain the status quo of corrupt and undemocratic societies. This is why activities such as sport are vital to maintaining aspects of tribal behaviour and so through the whole of society we are subjected to hierarchical pressures of competition that set us against each other whilst working together. I don’t believe that we have to follow or believe in what is dogma, because there are clear alternatives to human social systems. If I lived by the wisdom of my indoctrination then I would feel a sense of hopelessness, so I don’t. Instead I live by a set of principles and ideas which I believe in, a set of values which cherish inclusivity and commonality of cause. Political beliefs which bear no resemblance to those which supposedly represent me on a national level and I believe this because there are other ways to live which would improve the quality of life. Because the governance of a nation and its people should not be about social engineering, control and exploitation, instead it should be about the nurturing and celebration of human potential, a society enriched by freedom and education. An attitude which leads toward harmony, nurturing, respect, and welfare of life and our planet. 284 Our evolutionary devolution is very sophisticated, seamlessly evolving before us. And we are groomed into the ways from the earliest years of our lives, with the  prescriptive and dogmatic legislation of controlling governments. In schools the levels of oppression start young, living under the states threats, by the time kids reach eleven they may find themselves imprisoned in school behind the tall green fences such as at my eldest sons school, the tall green spiked gates locked. Then when the kids leave school they may go to college where they will fall into debt and spend their lifes feeling indebted to the state and the sharkish money lenders, subordinated to the fiscal farce of  caustic capitalism, what a start to life. The universities with their compromised freedoms dependent upon state backing, with courses and funding related to what may be deemed useful or a financially viable opportunity for society. Yes money eats integrity and the price we pay is one of a culturally diminished life as we allow economics to dictate to us. The invented abstract currencies and folly of the world economies dictating our reality as we posture over the real word monopoly game with its crazy rules. I feel our freedoms are being eroded under the veil of the pseudo democratic mandates in the zombiefication of the west. Yes we are free to be free within the tight constraints of governed restrictions, but the issue is that we have become disempowered by the placement of the expert doctrines who inform and guide our sensibility. We all just stand by while our governments act independently of the will of the masses. It’s so bad that civil disobedience may become vital to enforce even the most simple and basic changes in our governance and may be the only way we can turn the tide on the march to global destruction. 286 Personally, I’m sick of news enforcement, corporations, meaningless films about super heroes, the enforced advertising of puerile products, dumbed down tv, poorly produced chemicalised food, animal exploitation and planetary exploitation. And it doesn’t stop there, I’m sick of meaningless war and oppression, of living in a society which does not take a holistic approach to the welfare of humanity and the human. A world defined by hierarchy and difference, where your position at birth will dictate your societal position. If I were to be compliant then my life as an artist would return to the meaninglessness I experienced in my forties and I don’t want to be an art bitch to the elite. Art has made me question so much and I finally realised that life is too precious to compromise for the expediency of the so-called greater good and that as an artist I can say it like it is and in doing so maybe provoke a thought or two in those who are interested in my endeavours. It’s been a bold choice for me but I came to realise that it was my only option if I wanted to retrieve my self-respect. Yes I will continue to make art and sell some to survive, but I will maintain an integrity and speak openly about my thoughts as an artist, but I won’t accept those who disrespect me anymore because I’m no longer held by the leverage which personal ambition and status once held over me. I think that my anti establishment views stem from my upbringing, because I was subjected to the art world from day one, a world or environment that was my normality, yet deeply grated with me.  I think it was the pretence and lack of accountability in the artistic gestures, gestures which may have held a relevance within the protected idyll of the art world, but carried no sway out-with. From here I was eventually able to establish a clear difference in my own mind, between art for show and art from the soul. I grew to resent the ivory towers of society protecting the artist and giving them a licence to indulge in art that was often disconnected from the majority. So I felt art was bagged by the elite as their play thing and all that baloney about collecting, value and auction houses as the elite boast about their ownership of art. That’s why I say fuck it, turn my back and create from the depths of my soul, unafraid to explore and expose my basic humanity without any false dressing. There may be a product or just a digital gesture and I share it openly as my open communication, it’s not aimed at anyone or sector of society, because it is an open expression for anyone who comes across it to experience. 283 So I choose to be an ordinary man in every way, exposed to the same pressures of the people around me and if my work stands up in this environment and I can survive and feel good about what I do, then I’m keeping it real. Art for me is not about talent or magic, it’s about being grounded and connected, a real expression which you believe in wherever it is on show. I’ve had some poor treatment over the years by pretentious protagonists of the art world and it cut deep into the younger vulnerable me. I’ve had to fight so hard just to stand up and feel worthy of presenting myself as an artist, but I’ve done it and I hope that my words may help others in some ways. My approach may be slightly unconventional in the art world, but it feels very normal and real on a basic human level. Art is a tenuous and delicate process, artists are vulnerable because they are like an open conduit from their soul and it is so hard to protect your innocence and unique vision from the crushing forces of societies exploiters. It is a curious contradiction because you have to fight to protect the delicate ephemerality of creativity with the strength of a lion. My personal journey as an artist has turned me into a bit of a rebellious thinker, as a result of peering into society and the establishments and the mechanisms in place. And as I tore up my script art was able to fill the void with meaning and purpose. 282

Have a beautiful day ❤

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