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The Art of Revelation

July 14, 2015

When I write I feel quite intense as the words and thoughts come flooding out and for that brief moment I feel able to articulate myself with clarity. Then when I’ve finished writing it’s back to normal, getting on with the tasks in hand. 297 This happy society squeezed into shape by the current political and economic dogmas can be quite corrosive for artists such as myself as it gnaws away at the integrity of free human expression. I just can’t find a state of equilibrium within the confined parameters of what is on offer for me and the discontent of my agitated soul can only find brief moments of comfort. Comfort through the touching of meaningful expression and moments of insight, before I come crashing back down to the degrading reality of crass economics and the limitations of prescriptive societal values. The problem is that the more I study and contemplate my societal reality, the more I see through the thin veils which disguise the true purpose of the institutionalised mechanisms which hold us in limbo. This prescriptive society even spoils my enjoyment of historical imagery through its imposition of rigid interpretation. 296 I just find when I step back and question the reason why society is structured in the way it is, I find obvious answers, and when I question the systems in place, I realise that the systems we’ve collectively engineered are now engineering us in many ways. Such as the man-made economic structures which have been cast adrift to the whim of the market, a world economy which seemingly has the ability for self-determination. However these systems favour monopolization in what is a real world game of monopoly and the problem is that when you delegate responsibility to the so-called market, then you subordinate your will to the most powerful players. I just find it hard to accept that  the invented rules and regulations are used as leverage to enforce the will of the few and how people are left to suffer because of it. So instead of working together collectively in the world we are divided by economics, and just like in the sport world there is a table for it and like sport there are winners and losers. It is a system that lacks compassion and allows the abject poverty and starvation in the poorer parts of the world, while we celebrate the divinity of the billionaires. 299 (To bring about changes I believe we must question what is in place through a forensic objectivity and make way for new political and philosophical approaches  because I don’t belive that change will occur through tinkering with the system which brought us to where we are today. So when my eldest son asks me how can we save the environment like he did earlier, what can I say, beyond we must learn to live with a new set of values and allow mother nature to repair the damage.) 298 So one starts to see life almost like a game with specific rules, a bit like sport and the parallels are quite interesting. If you buy into a sport through what is a socialized expectation, you just accept the rules no matter how ridiculous they are, just because they exist you accept them (apart from the off side rule of course). Sport is about competition and victory comes at the price of another’s defeat, which in itself is about glory and ignominy. In a sense it’s about the upholding of hierarchy with rewards for the victors and it’s all tabled out for us. Sports stars are celebrated and rewarded with huge sums of money for their endeavours and paraded to the nation as role models, so that we all may strive for victory and at the very least uphold the values of hierarchy. 295 So what if you’re not competitive and you don’t want to be a part of the hierarchy, how can you exist comfortably within a society which is governed by it on every level. What if as an artist you awaken and question the all the rules under which you live, for instance if I watch a game of American Football I have absolutely no idea what is going on and it really seems quite ridiculous, yet it is like a religion to many millions. And here lies my issue, because art for me is not about the generality of following a closed set of rules and because of this I can’t apply my endeavours to the systems in place which rely on generality and compliance. Because of this I suffer, because there is no place for me and the further society travels down the path of generality the harder it will become for those who are unable to be compliant. 294 There are times when I feel that I’ve found a balance and that I may be able to ignore my agitation, but I can’t sustain it because as an artist in contemporary society my experiences have caused quite a bit of damage to my psyche. If I ignore all the peripheral consequences of art and the environment associated with art, working as an artist exploring expression, then I’m ok. It’s complicated to explain, but I’m only really happy when I’m engaged in the purity of my own expression, because that is what defines my existence. It wasn’t always this way but the lack of opportunity and the limitations imposed on me by the art world options drove me to find a meaning or personal validation for my lifes work. 293 Through my endeavour to achieve truth and authenticity I have had to fight a personal battle against my perceived wisdom, which has blown apart nearly all of my assumptions, through the systematic shattering of most of my preconceptions. I always knew I could get it wrong but I never imagined it on such a scale. I now even question what we perceive to be our innate behaviour and wonder just how much our thinking is engineered through the powerful distraction of institutional indoctrination. It’s just a feeling inside but through art I feel that who and what I am is something quite independent of the societal expectations which I’m subjected to. 291 I do actually enjoy being challenged by my circumstances and it’s not through masochism either, I enjoy it because it makes me push myself to extremes and question everything. This makes my life feel very interesting and real, it even pushes my sculpture into unexpected places where my originality can be found. Life is extraordinary and the mind and spirit are so full of possibility that they make the perfect playground for the artistically inquisitive human souls. I really enjoy reflecting on life through my blog as I continue my artistic search, though I must confess to still feeling apprehensive when I post it. 290

Have a beautiful day ❤

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