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The Artful Resolve

July 15, 2015


I find that making art for money is an uneasy union for me and I really struggle with finding a purpose and reason to make sculpture these days. I guess I’ve changed and I need to find a way of motivating myself in order to realise some of my conceptual developments. My art goes way deeper than commodity and yet my life has witnessed a reality which has seen me pigeon-holed into the commercial environment. I enjoy making a few pieces purely to see how some of my ideas pan out and also for developmental reasons. But when as an artist I’m reduced to making art for the purpose of an art market, I just can’t do it as a way of life. It’s a complicated situation and one that I must find a solution for, if I’m to move forward with a practical purpose for my endeavours. There has to be a real reason for me to push myself into sculpting because of the energy and time it absorbs and money doesn’t float that boat.
I think that if I had the freedom which I desire I would continue to work the way I am now but it just won’t sustain my financial needs for practical survival. I’d kind of hoped that after a few years of developing my work the ideas would run thin and I could develop particular ideas or concepts. But so many ideas have appeared that I’m incapable of developing them. I’d also hoped that some opportunities would have arisen to scale a few pieces up but they haven’t, so I must work a way forward. I accept my circumstances with a smile these days and nurture my creativity, treating the integrity of it with maximum respect, in defiance of our compromised reality.
What is extraordinary is that in this society awash with money and decadence, I still can’t afford my basic materials for sculpture and I really don’t care anymore, I just recite my mantra “Fuck you, you fucking fucker’s because I’m alright”. In fact my situation really demonstrates the values of my society and the ugliness of capitalism and serves as a sobering reminder of human responsibility and that we can’t take resources or anything for granted. You see I’ve spent my entire adult life living on a subsistence level as do many artists and I will walk that tight rope untill the end in order to maintain a little bit of freedom.
The art world is inadequate for people like me who slip beneath the radar, because I don’t fit into the generality of systems and there is no safety net. I could survive comfortably through the relentless production of my work but the price to pay is too high, in that it would involve the suppression of my creativity. I still say fuck that because I’ve been there and suffered that burn out too many times and I’m not going back to being an art bitch.
I’ve always believed that Art is simply too important for society to be sacrificed or compromised, which is why I struggle and refuse to accept the trivialization of my intent. I believe the hope we carry into this world should last a lifetime and we should never allow it to be knocked out of us. Which is why I will always fight and defend my rights to be who I want to be and to do what I want to do.

So as my frustrations ebb and flow I work away locked into my own rhythm on a journey of self realisation, following the purpose I’ve felt within from the tender age of sixteen.


❤ ❤ ❤

  1. David finney permalink

    I love your work but if you are looking for direction in life I think you should write a book as reading your online comments I would say you enjoy writing. I own one piece of your art a bronze horse I love it and my kids have grown up sitting on its back its made me very happy and hopefully one day I will own some of you pictures thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks David, my life led me to a point where I had to write to make sense of my experiences. It’s become a need now 🙂 the process of sculpture, writing and drawing feels so complete. I now feel lke I’m an artist with a respectful depth and I’m delighted to read that you have enjoyed the sculpture 🙂


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