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The art of radicalisation

July 18, 2015


The role of art in society is huge and varied, it ranges from benign decoration to images that have the power to awaken the curious. Art is also used by societies in many ways and provides a whole multitude of functions, for example it’s used to reinforce the institutional outlook and interpretation of civilisation and to embellish and confirm the hierarchy. It can be used to celebrate culture and can be seen as a signifier of national identity as a symbol of pride. In the upper tiers of society art becomes a pawn in the game of the investors and becomes a status symbol and  many artists unwittingly and wittingly fall into this trap of appeasing the  privileged few, by fuelling the market and auction houses. So art has a multiplicity of functions and reasons for existing as a companion to the state of being human, in which it acts as a catalyst to move us in some way to reacting. But too often art is denied to the masses and that is a crime against humanity, because In my humble opinion art is a gift for the people and not a gesture of exclusivity that can only be understood by the elite.

So art exists on many levels and has many functions and it is incumbent upon each individual artist to define themselves through their art which they offer to society. There is oportunity through art for artists to explore almost anything, beauty, ugliness, controversy, human freedom, philosophy, in fact it’s an endless list of possibility. Obviously there is not one specific approach or meaning for art individually or collectively and because of this artists are in a constant state of flux as they attempt to define a  reason and purpose for being. So as a society I feel it is healthy to explore difference and not fall into a common approach that falls neatly into the confines of convenience and generality.


It’s easy to become quite lost in the breadth of possibilities as an artist because you really have to, find yourself, in a world that is not only complex but subject to the influence of societal pressures. People are naturally curious and will also offer judgment and because of this it is hard to maintain a focus. You often get knocked of course and have to find your way back to the tenuous links which hold you to a certain practice or set of beliefs. Art defies rules and yet artists are subjected to the rules and confines of what is quite a linear approach to society and this requires the strength of character to rebel against oppressive dogmas in order to explore fundamental human freedoms. In fact I don’t see how you can make art without rebellious and revolutionary traits.

Yesterday I felt at a loss because I didn’t feel able to define a purpose or meaning for my life and my art and yet today I could define what feels like a specific and absolute belief as I become wrapped up in the moment. With this delicate balance I have between the rational and intuitive impulse my direction is almost held within a varying vibration, with each element slowly forcing its opposing energy to move forward. I think I’m finally learning to accept the state of flux and I realise that through my opening approach to art, I’m growing in human terms as creativity demonstrates its possibilities before my eyes. For me art is so not about absolute concepts and commodities, it’s not about financial value, fashion or control, because it’s about the spiritual freedom to openly explore beyond the confines of expectation. Which is why I often feel so trapped and tortured by the limited confines which society holds me in, unable to opeate from my spiritual imprisonment.


Through my art I feel I have awoken to a deeper level of consciousness and I feel like part of a growing number who are also awakening out of the hypnotic grasp of the current globalising political oppression. Though I do believe its all part of a natural phenomenon to human life, but at this point in human history we are subject to the very powerful disconnecting force which capitalism has delivered. However my awakening is one that is demonstrated through creativity and shows an example of what we are capable of if we free our minds and work without fear and conformity. Because of our collective contemporary circumstances I see my work as an open gesture exploring connection and difference which is why I feel it is important to write and share my work and ideas. My work has surprised me and I have reached a level of creativity that I never thought possible for my own little soul and I’ve done this because I was able to ditch my inhibitions and believe in the simple act of open creativity where anything is possible if you believe in yourself. I firmly believe that society inhibits us all through the various mechanisms of social control and it takes courage to stand up and grasp your rights to explore your own humanity. People will always try to cut you down to size and clip your wings, because you pose a threat to their security, but if you want to realise your truth in this brief life you just have to say “Fuck you you fucking fuckers, cos, I’m doing it my way”. Life is too precious a gift for me to waste in meaningless frivolity and hollow aspirations, because from creativity I have found a purpose which feels profound.



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