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Sometimes I wonder why I was thrown onto this planet

July 20, 2015


Sometimes I believe it’s my ability to ignore everything that people have tried to teach and purpose upon me, that allows me to find the freedoms to create from within. Just by casting off what amounts to my lifes burdens, I’m able to free my mind and enjoy my intuitive knowledge without external interference. As I always say all I ever wanted was to be me, but society has a tendency to just mess things up. There’s a lot to be said for defiance and single-minded determination and this should be encouraged in my opinion. Art is complicated just like us “fuming beans” and it allows one to celebrate difference and the inconvenience of alternative perspectives. After all there are just so many questions hanging out there waiting to be awakened by the simple task of asking.

So when I make my art I take comfort from my discomfort, because I realise that discovery and realisation come from outside of my comfort zone where I’m forced into thinking with greater intensity and the humility of ignorance. It’s very interesting because I can work within the bounds of safety with guaranteed outcomes or flirt with uncertainty and just hope that there will be a positive outcome. And it is the latter which teaches me the most by stretching my  possibilities with the gift of new knowledge, which signifies movement along my road to resolution.


In all my questioning of self and others I never could find the definitive answers that I was looking for and it appears there were no convenient absolutes or divine truths. Instead what I’ve found so far is that we share a journey of uncertainty and that life is for living and not being a slave to a conditioned life. The empowerment and liberation of self to live freely in mind and body sounds about right for a life with a smile on your face and a meaningful existence.

What I have struggled with is the singularity of human existence within the social grouping of society, just how do you ignore the distractions of competition and hierarchy, whilst maintaining a healthy level of self-esteem. It hasn’t been easy for me because the competitive element of contemporary society is out of control and it rides rough shod over the gently natured people who don’t seek to empower themselves at the expense of others. I do believe that I’ve finally resolved my issues of this competitive life by setting myself free and in my free exploration of creativity I have grown to accept that what will be outside of my creativity is what will be and as long as I can live my life without the ugly burdens of expectation and ambition, then I will tread gently on the earth with a smile.


❤ ❤ ❤

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