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Entering the Moment

July 24, 2015


What amazes me about making art, is “the moment” because I feel it’s not only made of moments, but exists of an expression of a moment in time. I also feel that art is constructed from the decisions made in the moment when there only seems to be one answer, and it is the reaction in the moment which directs a work into the form of its existence. You become aware of the moment in the creative process usually when it is most pronounced through crossroad decisions but I have found that by working with a more open mind, chance, fate or destiny delivers moments of inspiration or intuition. Chance moments which direct the course of your life and decisions and then I realise that life itself is made of unstoppable moments, tragic and beautiful as they leave you to live in hope of something that you can never hold onto.

I believe art can bring you to a place of being, where in the moment you lose your inhibition and concern for extraneous factors and influences, to a point of freedom and truth. Unaffected by the pollution of the art world (and the wider world) and its crazy traditions and stifled constructs and expectations, to a point where you make what you believe in because it is your only defining truth of the moment. When I draw, I draw in my own style and it has always been rejected and dismissed by the commercial galleries, yet I continue in the same vein and keep to my own script. But sometimes I can’t help but question my technique because of the pressures to be something and recognised, but I always think “Fuck It” my drawings are at the root of my creative discovery and I will continue to draw in a way that is true to my creative impulse.


In my work I grab ideas out of my thoughts and experiences, they mean a lot to me in the moment but are soon left behind discarded as I search for something new, sometimes pleased but never satisfied. And always I keep looking to the future, because I feel that something new and exciting awaits my curious mind. There have been many times and years spent dwelling on singular concepts as I fell into all the traps which are laid out for all of us, but more recently I’ve empowered myself through my ability to grasp the moment in the singularity that befits a personal expression through art.

I believe art is  fascinating and essential for many people such as myself, because its like a nourishment for the soul, a point of contact and a reassurance about the sanctity of humanity in a world  where our oppression is convenient. And conversely art can be a thorn in the side for those who have accepted compliance  and don’t wish to be reminded and they will see it as an act of provocation. So I think as an artist you have to try to understand the ramifications of creativity and accept any reactions, after all if there is no reaction to your gestures then it is failing to communicate.


❤ ❤ ❤

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    You respond to these creative moments with elegance and pathos.

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