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The Art of Difference

August 8, 2015


I chose to be an artist for sincere reasons, my goal is to be open, honest and true with my creativity which I don’t direct my art towards the purposes of popularity. Because of this I write what I feel, draw what I feel and sculpt what I feel, an act in itself which is often provocative in a society which I feel is closed in may ways. My gestures are sincere and that in itself takes courage in this world, because it exposes the core of who I am and that is what I believe being an artist is all about, even though society is slowly neutralising our voices. The inside being displayed to the world through gestures of creative projection. I could contrive a scenario and use my technical abilities to forge a path of convenience and congeniality, but I choose to have the courage to explore the awkward truth of my instincts.  To follow what I feel is the path to my creative truth regardless of fashion and time sensitive agendas and fashions. I often feel this awkwardness in my work, a kind of level of dysfunction and a gesture which is grasping without understanding as I try to reach forward with my personal development.

My position within society feels strained at the best of times as you’d expect from a life in the margins, because it’s a rough road which many artists travel. In fact I often feel like a target for the insensitive and self-righteous who feel duty bound to offer their disrespect, something which I’ve had to learn to deal with througout my life. Sometimes I even get pissed off here in the various virtual world venues where I openly post my thoughts and ideas about art, which is why I’m writing this post. Just to politely say that if you don’t like what I write and create then don’t read it or look at it because life really is just too short for meaningless interactions. I personally want to feel free and uninhibited by the inhibitions of others, because there are clear and irreconcilable differences within the human mix. It’s not about right or wrong either in my opinion, it’s just difference and I don’t want to live out other people’s life scenarios. In a way life’s like a big mixing pot of ideas and gestures to which we each add our own seasoning, the only problem is that some fear to contribute and instead choose to criticise those who do.


Art for me is a subject of unfathomable depths and involves a great deal of uncomfortable analysis, it’s unconventional and contrary as it meanders through the realms of human existence. It teaches me that I’m knowledgable and it also teaches me how little I know about lifes mysteries. There is no right or wrong and as an artist you are faced with a constant barrage of subjective decisions as you try to seek out a direction. It is both profound and trivial and as meaningful as it is meaningless, yet I feel the need to move forward with a level of belief. There is nothing to hold onto nor is there a place to rest in the fluidity of artistic endeavour and so I must continue on a journey that I hope will offer experience and personal growth and maybe I can express this through my art. The respectful gestures I offer are based on what I believe is my truth and it has taken thirty years to reach this point, to find the courage to stand up and be me. However I’m aware that these moments are tenuous and transitory and can take nothing for granted.

The price I pay for being open is mixed, sometimes I face derision and I guess that’s for many reasons, but I’ve always felt the oppressive nature of societies wing clippers who seek to maintain compliance. From those who feel threatened by a candid and confrontational approach to the analysis of life, because maybe they fear what lies beneath. Sometimes people challenge my ideas in a constructive way and sometimes people identify with it, but whatever the response I have to just move on in order to progress with the purpose of my own life. But it isn’t easy and the negativity always leaves a stain and acts like an inhibitor, though I’ve always identified with the marginalised and feel that we all have the right for our voices to be heard. Which is why I will continue to write and create regardless of any reactions and choose to ignore the churlish comments thinly veiled with humour, which are nothing more than bullying gestures.


The freedoms which I now feel through my approach to art are too valuable to sacrifice to the whims of compliance and I hope to go much further because in doing so I feel able to access a greater depth of creativity. I’ve already gone beyond my expectations and hope that I can go much further as I embrace the complexities and consequences of creativity.

And finally today I recieved a cheque from my recent exhibition, 🙂 which means that after two months without materials, I can now afford to buy the 24 buckets of slip I need to produce my sculptures, a cause for celebration indeed.

Have a beautiful Weekend ❤ ❤ ❤


  1. gkazakou permalink

    I WAS reading this, because it reflects some of my own experiences of an artist.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think as artists we have to withstand many pressures and so often we suffer in silence. In the end it really wore me down so I decided to engage in an open and honest dialogue through my blog. I simply write what I feel in the moment and it feels great 🙂


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