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August 12, 2015


Art can be everything or anything and is hard to take literally because art can be about the vaguest possibilities of human imagination, where it may veer towards dream like states of being, or mind altered states of consciousness. In the context of human existence it doesn’t even have to make sense because life itself doesn’t make sense and as with life it comes down to a personal judgement call and the consequences of how open we are to unknown possibilities.

My own work  is sometimes questioned by people who are looking for a literal meaning and possibility and there is really nothing I can say apart from you need to take a leap of faith and imagine a dream where anything is possible through the subconscious mind, where there is no narrative. And in one sense this is what art can bring to your life, by shocking your sensibility it can open up your ability to accept and broaden your perceptions. My own life is like a journey of expansion through art in which I try desperately to expand on a daily basis and as I evolve I express it firstly through my drawing and later through my sculpture. I’m aware deep within that I’m still closed in many ways and so there is much work to do before I reach that elusive point of freedom, a promised land which maybe just something I will always reach out towards but never arrive.


My own journey through art has been quite slow and timid in many ways, but it has been relentless and it is only now that I’ve managed to really start to expand my possibilities and truly broaden my approach, embracing my insecurities and just riding with it. I still feel the powerful clutches of restraint but I’m determined to push through to the other side and liberate my creative potential, but it is a huge task as I will have to struggle with the practical realities of societal obligations.

This journey through Art by its nature is often a solitary pursuit and through each gesture there is the struggle to find something or some way of moving forward, grasping at what doesn’t yet exist and living with the hope that you may find something unexpected and revelationary (even revolutionary). All carried out in the theatre of uncertainty,  tormented by expectation in a world which both expects and punishes difference. I feel that this societal reality is a quagmire of confusion from which an artist must rise out of in order to experience the  freedom of true artistic expression, an achievement that may be perceived as an irrelevance and go unrecognised and even ignored.


So art being the agent of provocation, should move and shake you up, provoke a reaction and force you to ask questions, to see the world from a different perspective. A slap across the face to awaken you from the compromised conditions of society, both for the artist and those who witness the art. For me this is the gift that artists hand out freely,  in spite of the barriers of society which seeks to censor  true art from ever getting through to the general population.

For me art’s a big responsibility and a huge struggle and it’s almost impossible to succeed with your truth and integrity  intact. I often describe society as toxic and corrosive because it undermines artistic integrity and human honesty by promoting what is essentially a lie of convenience for the sake of convenience. To maintain a simplistic order we must be socially engineered into a compliant state of being by being denied the wonder of our complicated organic truth. Conformity in effect denies the true connection of being (in my humble opinion) and so it falls upon the creative people to provide a window into the world of questioning existence and the exploration of being through the creative instinct, an instinct which reaches the timeless core elements of life. Opening up the possibilities of exploration without the need for comprehensive and simplistic understanding, because it is celebrated through gestures and marks.


Have a beautiful day ❤


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  1. gkazakou permalink

    thank you again for sharing.

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