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The art of purpose

September 17, 2015


The complexity of the creative process never ceases to amaze me, it absorbs all my energies at times and leaves my head with a dull ache. It’s almost like a juggling act for me as I pursue many lines of enquiry, that I believe will come together and form a vision unique to me. By a vision I refer to a fusion of the aesthetic, the spiritual and the intellectual and how these elements are fused into a relevant form of expression which will be pertinent to my environment and existence in time. The work that “has to be” as a statement of truth and authenticity, as opposed to the work made for affectation or for the purpose of the vanity of self aggrandisement.


I’ve been working on a series of drawings for about four years now and I have to admit that I’m exhausted, but I can’t stop untill my work ties together as a whole. With a few thousand drawings completed I have carried out and exhaustive search of my own possibility and I feel close to being able to understand just what it is I have to offer. I feel aware that there maybe  an uncomfortable vein of truth which runs through my work, something which I believe challenges the duplicitous sensibilities of contemporary society. In this area of my work there is something quite bleak, because it is stripped down and deconstructed, it exposes truths which aren’t always convenient to collectively assumed values. And I do this to challenge the set of values which are imposed on me by society, values which are often divisive and counter productive to the betterment of human experience.


On its own “creative realisation”  is a vastly complicated and dynamic process, but the extraneous factors including the isolation and total lack of support within society for authentic art makes my task even greater as I have to struggle to make a living, living out a dichotomous existence. A struggle which has at times been utterly unbearable and something which has deeply angered and agitated me. Though somehow I manage to rationalise the irrational, cope with hardship and resolve the negative impact of these distractions, which allows me to work without any significant prejudice. But periodically I simply can’t hold it together which is why I take to my blogging, just so I can have the satisfaction of saying it like it is.


This reality of the artist’s life can be a huge problem and often involves enduring an unreasonable level of hardship. For an example I have been unable to afford the basic materials to make my sculptures this year and the stark reality is that no one really cares. It’s a horrible reality and I believe it demonstrates how our basic human values have come under a growing pressure from the selfish dogmatic doctrine of capitalism. The values which contemporary society is yielding to, founded on principles of greed, a society which is becoming blinded to the core values of humanity, compassion and human welfare.  I would go as far as to say that these values are the antithesis of the values of human creativity, though that is in itself a huge topic.


In one sense I feel very sad that I will never be able to make the sculptures which I believe I should make, sculptures which I believe are important, sculptures I can’t make because there is no support for my art within the systems in place. But by means of compensating I am at least drawing them out and realising the conceptual nature of my vision, something which I’m deeply proud of. Proud because I’ve been diligent and thorough in the formulation of sophisticated and original ideas, putting an effort in that is truly exhaustive. I have pushed myself beyond what I once believed reasonable because I’ve had to, it’s a crazy world and as an artist you need a cast iron will and a streak of defiance to survive.


The conditions of my reality have ultimately set me free, because I have no ambition or aspirations beyond the authenticity of my own creativity. I don’t make pretty art and I don’t make art to impress anyone, I make art with conviction and art which I truly believe in. Maybe one day soon I’ll be able to find a resolution to my creative challenge and turn my back on art, opening my life up to a new set of challenges. I believe I can do this because my creativity is finite and a stage will be reached where it will become diluted, irrelevant and boring to me. I’ve already started a process to make much of my work virtual and so it will never actually exist. I’ve done this because my art is becoming stripped down to a conceptual exploration, where only the idea is important to me, because there is no longer a need for a commodity. I will of course still make a few ceramic sculptures to sell and so I can pay my bills. But I will not produce art for the sake of it, or art that is conceptually weak and compromised, because my respect for the sanctity of art runs deep within me.


I do believe my experience as an artist has fallen into an age-old stereotype of material suffering, which demonstrates how society has never really got to grips with the complexity of the creative elements. This is why I try to share my experiences in as candid a way as possible, just so that it highlights a reality which is far from the romantic notion held by those in the privileged tiers of society. I believe it’s a reality which is not acceptable and could be quite destructive to the less defiant artists out there as well as robbing society of the rich diversity of creative possibility. It’s incredible how resilient you have to be to survive with your integrity intact in what is at best a corrosive environment.


This rough road I’ve travelled has opened my eyes and brought an authenticity to my creativity, because I’m no longer able to play the game. It has also given me the freedom to speak and write openly about art and as always it’s my opinion from my own experience of life. A life in which I have tried hard to offer something of value to society and ultimately failed to do, because I was unable to find a pathway.  It is a struggle which I’ve grown tired with and even my efforts in the virtual world have only caught the imagination of a few, which is why ultimately I’ll have to retreat from exposing my work here in the great internet vacuum.


I really don’t know what the answer is for my creativity and how to use it to some effect that will feel meaningful, or whether this is it and my answer is jus to retreat back into the obscurity of my tangible reality.


Have a beautiful day ❤

  1. Eoghan!!! Don’t get to point where your health is suffering because you don’t have money, do some random stuff, just to eat. Art and inspiration is always there but money comes in cycles. You need to eat every day!!!

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    • Hi Annerose, these past few years have been an unexpected journey of transition and I do feel that I’ve reached the other side. I have now started looking to earn money once again now that my direction feels right 🙂


      • Oh that’s good to hear. I wish the world gave us money for art supplies. I just worry when really dedicated non-commercial artist run out of supplies. Artists need money for food, because without food they get sick and can’t make any art.
        Keep making the art that is important to you and sooner or later things will turn out ok.

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