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The Sacred Nature of Art

October 3, 2015


I don’t really know exactly what I’m doing with my art or why I’m doing it, and I don’t really want to because I actually enjoy expressing the mysteries of life. Further more if I did, I fear it may veer towards contrivance and so I patiently allow my life and art to unfold gently through a respectful approach to existence. It’s quite complicated to explain but if I want to make the art that feels like a natural expression, I simply can’t force it to fit within the parameters of convention and so I have no precedent to follow or live up to. I also have little ambition or expectation beyond personal growth and the natural evolution of my art. And I’ve now reached a point where I must admit to myself that my life and my feelings are a complete mystery in an unfolding story. So now my biggest battle feels like the continual struggle to escape from the engrained expectations of society which are ever-present and so that I can produce art without too much dogmatic contamination.

Untill quite recently I used a more rational approach to my sculpture, a kind of  intellectualisation in which I assumed defining beliefs, but every time I adopted rigid beliefs I found great flaws in my thinking. I realised that life is so much more dynamic, fluid and organic and that I had no need for absolutes, absolutes which could only restrict my thinking. There is simply too much that I don’t understand and greater wisdom teaches me that I know even less than I once assumed. I grew to realise that defining everything for the convenience of societal harmony is in fact a huge limitation to human thinking and that art is about expansive exploration. A step into infinity  in order to find something of value to share for those who like to look beyond engineered lives and those who wish to awaken a little from the mundanity of the enforced doctrines of society.

By breaking away from the linear constraints which enchained my soul, I have found comfort in the chasm of lateral possibility and a sense of comfort in the knowledge that my life is becoming true to my intuitive impulses. That is I am who I am and I am who I feel I want to be.


I’m aware that my change in thinking has liberated my art and sculpture which I believe can be seen in the thousands of exploratory drawings. And I’m proud of my achievements because I’ve taken a great human tradition of equestrian sculpture and introduced some quite revolutionary concepts which clearly work as valid expressions of art. I’m secretly quite a scholar of art having been brought up by a sculptor father and have spent my entire life surrounded by art so I have an engrained awareness of tradition and artistic practice. Which is why I cannot understand why my work has never been accepted or celebrated in any way by the British institutions of art. Furthermore the self doubts brought about by my lack of success have really tested my will and forced me to continue from what is a place of embattlement. But I believe in myself and what I do so I must continue in spite of the practical struggles of my everyday life and in spite of what is an isolated existence.

To follow this approach I’ve had to substantially deconstruct my world and perception of society, but in doing so my art has become liberated and full of possibilities.  And surely this is part of the privilege of being an artist, to walk freely amongst the throng of everyday life and purpose , even though we artists perhaps reflect from a slightly  detached place. At the moment there is no conclusion to my endeavour and I fear there may never be a conclusion beyond a direction. A direction that will hopefully lead to a greater freedom and a deeper connection to the essence of my human spirit. The beauty of art is of course that I can share all of this to who ever is interested, because art is essentially a gift to and for our humanity. One of the most beautiful and precious gifts we have which is why I have so much respect for the sacred nature of art and why I do all in my power to express the untold possibilities, waiting to be discovered.


When I analyse my life, what I have and how I’m capable of feeling, then I believe I can touch gently on the essence of being, maybe not understanding it , but at least feeling it in some sensory way through my expressions. A life stripped down to the essentials of how I feel alone and with my eyes closed, isolated and singular with only the imagination touching on a deep hidden reality. Stripped of societal position and peer group pressure and confronted with the singularity of being with all the awkward troubles of society put to one side. I believe it’s from this point of self realisation that I was able to understand how important my true art and creativity is to my humanity and how I need it to connect me to the meaning and purpose of life. It’s just so important to me that I cannot let my work be bastardised by the pressures of society and why I stand and fight my fight, no matter what troubles it brings to my life. I need something substantial and real so that I can believe and live in a truth, I don’t want to pretend and compromise so that I fit in with a way of life in which I do not believe. I want to speak openly and without reservation, to speak the words which express exactly how I feel, to draw and sculpt what I feel and to smile when I feel like it, so I’m connected and real.

Have a beautiful day ❤


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