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A reason for Art

October 29, 2015


The process of art is intricate and yet as an artist you are exposed and judged throughout your life, making the whole actuality of creativity infinitely more complicated. In a sense artists are cajoled on almost every level of existence which influences how we feel about ourselves from the basic domestic levels to the highest philosophical levels. An actuality which influences the decision making processes and outcomes of creativity. In my own existence I feel like I’m caught in a web that is so complicated, it runs through every aspect of my being, confusing my thoughts and intent with countless distractions on every level imaginable. And as I attempt to think with clarity, my thoughts are bombarded by the noise of society, the expectations, the assumptions, the values and the definitions rain down on me and my thoughts become lost in this mist of confusion. Even my purpose becomes eroded in the tumult of daily life as I’m swept along in a society which moves without a perceptible coherent purpose or strategy beyond maintaining a status quo. A status quo which has evolved through the complacent acceptance of undemocratic principles and the promotion of hierarchy, difference and corruption.

I even wonder sometimes if this confusion is part of the reason or need for art to exist, to live immersed in a confused reality, from which you try to make some sense and elevate yourself from the quagmire, with a level of clarity and a vision. To process everything which you’re subjected to and make some kind of sense out of it, as a statement of where we are, like a mirror to society. Or whether art is about optimism and hope and through art you try to offer a vision of possibilities, a form of escapism that allows the viewer to see a deeper truth of being, a way of seeing through the confusions, a window to an alternative perception.But whatever art is, there is a higher purpose than that of being a cheapened commodity of the capitalist markets. What do you feel is the true value of art?

I think that the purpose of art is of course a many varied concept and is open to individual interpretation, always in a state of flux, which is why it can’t be fixed and held by a simplistic explanation or definition. And because of this it invites a challenge to each generation to find a new way forward so that our existence can be expressed and recorded through the visual metaphor and language of art. And when you think of it like that, just what is the art of today telling us about our lives, existence and values?  When that mirror is held up, is the art of today telling us something about the values of contemporary society?

It’s my hope that through my own work and a diligent approach, that I will come to an understanding of a purpose which will define my art. Art stripped bare of all the confusion from where it was conceived and expressed through the possibilities of freedom, choice and inspiration. Always remembering that art and inspiration is a mystery awaiting discovery from those bold enough to search. The future is untold and always awaits,  never knowing we move forward and I hope there will be many more surprises for me, but I must remember to move forward with an open mind and avoid conceit.

Now as I work away, my concerns have reduced, I feel content with a more limited vocabulary of intent and purpose, to define my art. I feel I’ve traversed the most complex stage of my journey and evolved to a higher level of artistic enlightenment (relative to my own existence) because I’ve extricated myself from a state of confusion and that victim mentality. I feel able to ignore the detractors and the corrosive elements of societal influence and able to assert my will with an empirical knowledge relative to my own existence and experience. Through my art I’ve asked questions and I’ve  found answers, but more importantly new questions have arisen to challenge my assumptions and beliefs. I believe Art is good for the soul when you follow your intuition 🙂


Have a beautful day ❤

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