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The Age of Inconvenience

December 26, 2015


As a chapter of my life is drawing to an end, it feels quite absolute, almost like I could draw a line in the sand and put an end to making art. But I wont for now, because from the ashes there are new and compelling challenges in the continuation of artistic exploration.  This period of my life was driven by despair, despair which had arisen from years of compromise and a sudden realisation that I could live out my life without resolving what is fundamental to my existence. Sucked into the vacuous comfort of an affluent society and disconnected from my own intent through the trappings of this age of convenience. This chapter of my life has been more complex and brutal than I anticipated, though it has brought a sense of peace and meaning to my struggles. As always, these stages of life are like stepping-stones which allow one to search deeper into the realms of possibility and perhaps touch on greater levels of profundity.


For the moment I feel like I’m exceeding my expectations in sculpture drawing and writing, but most importantly I’ve tied up many of those loose ends and brought a unity to the disparate elements and strands of my creativity. Now it all seems so simple, through what has been a process of redefining my perceptions of life and art. Through writing, drawing and sculpture I was able to accelerate my process and identify the intent and content of my art. And I think for the first time I was able to understand the blaring duality of life through my art, the integrity and truth within and of course the compromised existence within the societal matrix.


On a simplistic level my work deals with uncertainty and the elements of being, the ever-changing state of existence which can only ever be described in a moment. How the state of existence emerges from the complicated elements of circumstance, like a complicated  three-dimensional mosaic, that is particular to the moment. So integrity is vital to explore the truth of being, in order to identify the strands and disparate elements, to form a statement based on a temporary whole. That in the moment I can make a statement which defines transience and the interchangeable elements which form the whole, in what is a loosely connected state of being. Well it’s not that simple, but out of chaos and what appears to be anarchy you can momentarily identify something which resonates and appears to have a meaning and purpose. This order from chaos is about defining the elusive through an intuitive process, trusting in the essence of humanity and in doing so making some sense of this crazy life. Of life in a chaotic and disparate world in which love, hate ,war, peace, beauty and ugliness hold us in a spell of turmoil and chaos. This life of confusion and extremes in which we neither understand or know who we are, what we are, beyond the insight of our intuition.


It’s crazy but it can be so hard to find the real you, because of how deeply we become buried into the compromise of society. And when you find yourself to the best of your ability, it is a tenuous grip because you are caught between the duality of differing values. The naked truth, the values you’re born with and the values imposed from society. And here sits the uneasy state of being, caught in the duality that is everywhere, with these polarities serving to contain the wavelengths of our activities, vibrations that possibly reflect the building blocks of all we know. The vibrations which hold the particles together of everything we take for granted and which must resonate with our existence and experience of being. And so through creativity I explore between the polarities I’m capable of perceiving and view creativity as a process in which decisions are formed from divergent possibilities.


Finding a sense of authenticity is complicated and to find a deeper truth I feel compelled to shun the values of capitalism and vain ego, confronting meaninglessness and from the ashes of my own deconstruction find the building blocks through creative gestures to establish some meaning to life. This latest push has taken five years, a period in which I’ve maintained a flow of work for exhibition so that I could support myself and my family, but it’s been bleak on a material level. Living like an island of poverty in a sea of relative opulence, has been fascinating, a place to observe society without feeling like an integral part of it. The upshot is that this process has worked and from the vagaries of my mind I’ve found some relatively robust concepts which correlate with my intuition. It’s just so complicated to articulate my intuitive actions through words, though I do believe that I’m now able to express the intent and shed some light on my general approach to creativity and how I grasp for some insight into the unknown aspects of being.


Thanks for looking and best wishes for 2016 🙂

  1. Love all of these images, particularly the blue one. All the best for an expanding 2016. x


  2. gkazakou permalink

    Love to read your thoughts that you spread in such a wonderful clear voice. As for the pictures I cannot judge, because I know only the reproduction. Take care and go on!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you gkazakou, this blog has helped me to clarify my thoughts and assisted in the development of my creativity. All my colour work starts out as drawings which I mutate digitally over time and so they only exist in the virtual world. I’ve really allowed my creative impulse to drive my work and because of this there are unexpected consequences, such as all my two dimensional work. :)) Happy new year


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