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Recent works on show at the”Pyramid Gallery York

January 21, 2016


I’m finally back in the mood for exhibiting my art again, so I’m pleased to announce my inclusion in a group exhibition at the “Pyramid Gallery” in York, the preview is on Friday (Jan 22nd) evening, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. And the exhibition runs untill, (oops, I don’t actually know lol) well at least for a few weeks.

A curious case of collective thinking

I’ve made ten sculptures for the show, which I believe will make an interesting selection, but as always choice is a fine balance made in the moment, a time specific statement. I’ve also included a few prints if there is space to hang them, which will be the first time I’ve exhibited my 2D work in a gallery.

A life of wonder

After a prolonged period of drawing and coloured work there has been a shift in my approach  to expression and I no longer see myself as a sculptor. I now see myself as an artist and feel able to express my ideas through a broader spectrum of techniques, with much greater freedom.

A space and a place

Although I never make work with a specific narrative, I do focus on themes and my own specific approach. So with my sculpture I play around with possibilities which I feel work in compositional terms, using an aesthetic sensibility that I have earned from years of relentless sculpture production. I like the unexpected and am never happier than when I surprise myself with a crazy new composition.

Comic Connection

My work has in part grown to represent my own spiritual growth from a beginning which saw my art purposed to a more rigid and logical approach, sculpture rooted to the earth. For some strange reason I used to feel compelled to make sculpture of the possible as opposed to sculpture of the impossible. It is in this area where my sculpure has changed, becoming more airborne, representing my search for a connection to what is beyond my perception and the physical gravitational pull of my planet.


Through my drawing and coloured prints I look to explore in the moment and travel in an instant from subject to subject, playing with colour untill I find something which represents how I feel. Unlike sculpture there is nothing to hold me to any space or place and I’m free to roam in any way I feel. I believe art is about the liberation of the soul and you need to be free as an artist to communicate this with authenticity.


Through drawing in the moment without planning or preconceived ideas, I found a way to tap into the vastnesss of undiscovered self. The mystery which lies within, the mystery we carry from birth, the mystery which defines our existence. The mystery which gives us intuition and vast swathes of infinite possibities and through this a purpose and a meaning to life feels real and present.

I saw a horse come sailing by

Whether upside down or back to front, objects are still beautiful and by seeing them from a different angle and perspective, you awaken to a reality without order. A reality of random chaos which makes more sense of the impossibilities of existence. And it is here  where art has opened my eyes gently and exposed an authenticity to the actuality of existence.

Je suis moi

And so I explore through composition and the interaction of elements such as the horse and rider or through figurative interaction. But I also explore the singularity of existence and the time spent in solitude and contemplation. The time it takes to get to know yourself in this busy and chaotic life full of distraction.

Landscape of a dream

The landscape of our dreams and realities is complex in a life where nothing is fixed or absolute. And so I like to explore this constantly changing landscape as it unfolds before my eyes, in the clutter of my workshop using the elements I have created to express myself over the years

Marvelous Mystery

The earth and the planets are round, our landscape is unpredictable and in this complex arena we exist in a life full of mystery, a life so beautiful that it doesn’t have to make sense. So I look for the courage to make what is beyond my limitations and explore mystery in the hope of broadening my horizons.


This masquerade of society is always there to remind me and provoke me into looking beyond what I first see. A life in a world of intriguing myths, myths which carry the metaphors which unlock an understanding of the universality of the human condition, we are all so different and yet we are all so similar.

Out There

Everything is out there and everything is within, connected with everything. Connected from the earth to the cosmic reality and yet sometimes we need to be thrown out there to awaken to what is beyond the near and present.

Over easy cat

And yes there has always been a cat by my side, I don’t know why but the cat is always there to remind me that communication goes beyond language and socially engineered customs. That life has a meaning outside of the controls of society, something you see in the free will of the cat companion.

Sitting Bull

The bull is there to represent the latent power which is always there in the world through the force of nature. Again it’s an element of my work that I feel compelled to develop, even though I struggle to communicate the requisite level of power, but one day I’m convinced I will find that composition. 🙂

The Connection

Here again communication and connection dictates the juxtaposition of two elements, But as with so much of my work I only delicately touch on possibilities which I hope to return to and explore with greater depth at a later date.

The importance of introspection

And a fitting image to end my virtual exhibition, the agonising and soul searching which leads to the depths of creative possibility. And so as I finished this work for the show, wrapped up in the intensity of my own little world, the spell suddenly breaks as you release it into the environment of the gallery world. What is everything in the studio is but a token of minor relevance to the vast world, a gesture  of hope.

Thank you for looking and if you live near York, just pop in for a look.  🙂


  1. Congratulations, Eoghan! All the best with the show, I hope you get tons of positive feedback. Your work is fantastic.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good luck! Would pop up, if nearby. Gerda

    Liked by 1 person

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