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The Art of the Image

January 31, 2016


I make thousands of images in an attempt to express myself in a fluent and fluid way. In part it’s a reaction to the compromised existence I’ve experienced as an artist and my attempt to break the implied gagging order. It is also a desperate search for truth and a realisation that if I do nothing my life will pass me by as a wasted opportunity.


I’ve no where to show these works in the real world and so I post them here and on various internet venues as a token gesture. A gesture which breaks the vacuum and allows the work to communicate in some small way

621I feel caught in the world wide web which governs our lifes and actions. And so my art has become the vehicle through which I try to liberate myself, in the hope that I may one day feel free to think, to understand and to communicate.

622The cat as a companion has always offered me a window into the world of nature where I’ve observed impulse, instinct and free will. Because of this the cat is always a fascination in my work as I’ve tried to catch these elusive qualities.

624The Bull so strong stands alone, respected and feared, it serves as a reminder of our past. Depicted in the pre historic cave paintings the Bull is a timeless icon imprined in the human phsyche. The Bull feels fundamental to my process and vital to my vocabulary as an artist.

626Sometimes I veer towards abstraction through my exploration of equestrian themes and I do this because I believe abstraction is fundamental to composition, even in figurative art. I feel it’s about the objective judgements which are vital in the fluency of visual communication, because with figurative art it’s all too easy to become blinded by subject.

627The seemingly random gestures intrigue me because I feel they lead into the unknown, offering something new to explore. So I make marks with a blind faith and live in hope that I may find a way to make them work and extend my aesthetic sensibilities.

628Even failed drawings can be made to work, by enhancing certain qualities, which is why I “curiously” thrive on the challenge of rescuing the lost cause, such as the drawing above.

629My fascination with the horse provides me with an endless feast of possibilities, it’s where I’m most comfortable and though I stray into other areas, the equine spirit is always close to my heart.

630Sometimes I touch upon images that resonate very deeply and on many levels, such as this child portrait. The faint trace of distant memories and the essence of a life and lives which no longer exist. I feel this image in a way that I could never describe with words and yet I touched upon it by chance.

631I only make a few abstract images such as the one above, in which I explore shapes and colours which mean something to me. I guess it’s about a psychology in which I feel a need to relate to an image from a tangible familiarity.

639This groovy cat is laying down some wacky curls, with its crazy eye stare, just the way I like it 🙂

640And so I return head on, to the timeless Bull, searching for new ways to explore a representation in unexpected colours, I don’t even know if it works.

644In the image above, I return to a familiar theme and composition, a dance with danger in an unpredictable life in this crazy world. Poised in a moment of disaster, on the edge as is life, but softened and veering into the abstractions of a dream like state.

645Here in this semi-abstract equestrian inspired print, I’m closing in on shimmering effect, in an attempt to reflect a way I feel about life. About the merging and confluence of diparate elements and shards of existence, mixed up in the pool of life. Of life being like a disturbed mosaic patched together and softened through the passage of time. A fluid existence in a life without certainty or absolutes.

648The image above is the reworking of a cartoon like drawing I made 25 years ago, it is a familiar drawing for me and one which I hope conveys some of the initial intent about the futility of war.

649In the past my comfort has been disturbed by the imagery imposed upon me by the actions of war. My way of dealing wih such imagery is to study it and repurpose it through my art. It feels wrong to live in comfort when in your own name wars are raging with ever more victims. So I choose to reflect my feelings through my art and through my ouvre establish the bigger picture of my little existence.

650A reworked drawing from my past, from a time of relative simplicity when I was able to contemplate life without the baggage of thirty years of struggle.


I find war to be abhorrent, with all the meaningless destruction of life, culture and environment and I don’t remember a time of peace. So I took it upon myself to explore the symbol of peace, to distance myself from sentimental attachment and reflect the reality of western duplicity. The doves of war, has been an ongoing project of drawings, prints and sculpture and it’s important and fundamental to my art.

653Even my Bull’s get the treatment as I express the frustrations of a fraught life, caught in the crossfire of an ideological battle in the midst of a crass capitalist society. There is no middle ground and so my work must reflect the extremes of the real and present situation.

657In your face and all that with an image looking for a little confrontation, a bit of anger in the hope of putting a stop to the unstoppable.

Thanks for looking and have a beautiful day ❤


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