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The Silence of the Artists

February 3, 2016


Sometimes I feel that the linear constraints of society impact heavily upon the flow of my creativity and it’s hard to find a balance between what are essentially tangential approaches to life. The fundamental humanity witnessed through artistic expression, versus the imposed customs and generality of a society built on established precedents. Art without rules for a society bound by rules.


When I feel optimistic I look back on the human struggles with art and wonder if all this endeavour and exploration will eventually return humanity to look to the core values of existence. It’s hard to explain but by working through the possibilities and distractions of an evolving civilisation, I question if there will be a point of consolidation that will lead to a refocusing. A simplification of the complex struggle of existence, so that it becomes reduced to the important elements of authentic expression. That art may work through the vain distractions of cultural flamboyance, returning to the core and awe of being.


Of course there are pressing concerns about the health of this planet and we must be reaching the zenith of production and exploitation, that tipping point where there needs to be a shift in attitudes and values. And art as an intergral element of society is a legitimate contributor to the philosophical debate of what direction civilization should take. Which is why we must not be subjected to a cultural whitewash from those who seek to maintain a system through what amounts to oppression.


When I feel pessimistic, I feel trapped and weighted down in a quagmire of meaningless complexity, a society bound by the burden of excess and I can see no way forward. I feel my hope dwindling and so I fight to hold onto the values which allow me to believe in humanity, the ones nobody talk about anymore. Through my art I find the faint connections which hold me to the values I feel inside, but outside the world is racing blindly into troubled waters. The incredible thing is that as I work through thousands of ideas and thoughts, there is an utter simplicity to life, but it’s hard to hold onto when it doesn’t seem to be valued by society.


At times I feel that my society blinds me to the actuality of life from a truly different perspective, as I live trapped within the specificity of a time and a place. And I believe that unless one awakens, an entire life can be lived under the enchantment of an imposed social order. And I wonder if it’s a sinister enchantment that is imposed with a calculated precision. A form of repression to control and passify a population into compliance within the bands of what is accepted in a quasi democracy. Democracies which in fact mask the truth of long established social orders and hierarchy, if I may be so bold as to manipulate that quote “we are all born equal, but some are more equal than others”.


Sometimes we may forget how we got here, how religion and monarchy founded the systems of modern hierarchies. Institutions which use power to manipulate and control, for a purpose which grew to fit an evolutionary pattern. A model of growth and central organisation which led to prosperity through the division of labour and social order. And I wonder where humanity is now and if we’re governed by historic precedent, because we have become so conditioned that we can’t see any alternative. As an artist I’m torn because I understand the systems in part but I also see from an alternative perspective, how the free spirit can prevail.


Theoretically we march together for a common good and yet none of us seem to know what that is, beyond upholding the status quo. The maitainance of a society hell bent on exploitation and destruction without a vision or purpose and out of synchronisation with the planet itself. A world under the spell of corporate giants, organisations with God like status, which we are expected to follow blindly. It’s a bleak reality in many ways, caught up in a rat race following a hierarchical model, living under its spell. And here we are all worshipping the brands and the deities in charge who oversee global domination.


And so in this brave new world the bible is replaced with the iphone, the cinema’s and mall’s have become the new temples of worship and google the new God, (the oracle to whom we all have a direct line). These corporate giants, the Overlords and influencers of society in a world severed from meaningful spiritual connection. We can all deny it but we are led by the winners of global monopoly and through their domination of the media, our lives, customs and values, are laid out for us to blindly follow. We are incidental statistics for the number crunching and intelligence gathering elite.


This reality is not by chance, because at the highest level chance is too risky and so civilization is engineered. Psychology plays a huge role and is used to manipulate and control populations, which holds most of us suspended, because our vulnerability makes us reliant on leadership. But the amazing thing is that we can live out our lives oblivious to the reality behind the reality, unless your vocation demands a deeper truth.


As an artist you can feel like a victim and a social pariah, because of the awkwardness of art, which often has no niche or convenient place. My own work often feels awkward, because it is and I make no apologies. In fact I stand firm in exploring the awkward reality which unfolds before me and refuse to sanitise my work for reasons of congeniality. Because of this I get closer to my truths, but I feel the consequences of the reality where I choose to expose my art.


Most of us are compromised and have to fall into line behind the established tyranny which upholds this bizarre system. A system of segragation and exploitation based around abstract currencies which we allow to govern our existence.  As we allow the markets to trade and gamble with money, art and all commodities. A system so strong and invasive to the conscious state of being that it disconnects us from the fundamental truths of existence and subverts our energies into finite concepts of astract societal matters.


Even though it’s a calculated system, it appears quite benign and we are comfortably reassured, so that we may live with our heads burried in the sand. But the truth couldn’t be more different as wars rage in the fight for economic bounty and global domination. Oppression and genocide is but a biproduct from the removal of obstacles to economic growth, in the cleansing of the inconveniences.


There are of course different ways to live but first you have to see through the engineered systems under which we live. So that you can see a difference in values and this is where the making of art has taught me a huge lesson. As I keep saying, you can’t put a price on the value of art, yet we celebrate art as a brand with a high price tag.


The current notion of fame and fortune, of branding and celebrity only serves to undermine art and create false notions, which places art at the mercy of the controlling hierarchies. The value of art is then based on brand as opposed to human expression, (the non currency value) and artists are encouraged to follow this model and the road to success. But the problem is that art is more complicated than any finite system, so it challenges and even threatens the system. In my own life I make some virtual art which will never exist beyond a digital file, so that it may never become a product or a commodity. It will appear and then vanish, deleted so that it’s ephemerality may mimic the reality of existence by letting go.


The reason I write about art and it’s place within society is because I experience many obstacles and am unable to show my work to the world beyond commercial outlets. And I’m frustrated that most of my work will never be seen, as it is an irrelevance to the current system. I see it as a big problem is which art is becoming ever more elitist through a high level of manipulation. This in turn means that art is failing to communicate throughout society in the western world.


However I must learn to let go and move on, though I feel to move on I must liberate myself and I can only do this by understanding my current position. I know I’ve made progress because I’m witnessing a greater level of freedom within my work and a detatchment from expectation.


 Thanks for looking ❤

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