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The Art of a Single Soul

February 4, 2016

Marvelous Mystery

The agitation of my soul is dwindling, now that I’m finding the authenticity of my voice, as the art I make becomes a fluent manifestation of my intent. Before, the balance had been wrong and I felt unable to be me, even with the intimacy of my own art. It was that truth issue in the coldron of cogeniality, where everything is wonderful in this land of forced positivity. From my experience life is raw and without compromise, which is why I need to say it like it is and make it how I feel. With this approach art becomes a raw expression and theres no game playing to impress.


Now I look to explore the complexity of life by confronting and uncovering what I feel are my truths and take a philosophical approach to art. One which is not tainted or diluted through conforming to extraneous expectations. It’s a huge shift in one sense, but that’s not reflected by a huge shift in my work because I’d always held onto a somewhat unconventional approach to life and art. It’s just my oeuvre required a gentle tweak to validate  the intent of art about life.


Through my art I don’t try to catch a ride on the band wagon with the latest zeitgeist, because I’m looking for a more reflective and inclusive approach. Something with a timeless quality relating to the past as a bridge into the future. Therefore I don’t need to be part of a scene or any movement in art, which I see as a distraction and an enforcer of bias. If anything I’m a post and pre-contemporary artist, looking for my own vibe and my unique voice to represent my tenure of a human body walking the planet in this time.


The beauty of art is that it unfolds quite naturally if you allow it to and it does this through the evolutionary process of making, reflecting and aquiring wisdom again and again and again. This process of aquiring a visual language involves developing technical skills, deep thinking and contemplation, so that there is a holistic human development. I believe it’s a broad development because it requires a spiritual connection, a strong logical and rational mind and practical skill sets in order to piece everything together, so that an authentic expression is possible.


I personally believe that by developing the skill sets required to make art, you become more intuitive and start to see how things will unfold, almost like a sixth sense.You also experience creative moments where you are lost in a deep contemplative state and work unfolds from a deeper level than the obvious conscious state. But these things don’t just happen in my experience and are in fact earned through dedication, commitment and years of hard work.

Out There

So much of life is beyond our perceptive possibilities and because of this we must learn to feel what we can’t witness through our senses. For instance how particles are held together by vibrations, how the flow of energy transmits from our beings, how we are moving through infinite space at unimaginable speed and so the list goes on. And it’s this area of existence that has opened up my eyes to art without boundaries, because anything is possible.

Comic Connection

Because anything is possible, I feel that I must explore what I feel is impossible and everything that challenges my limited outlook. In doing this my art becomes expansive and opens my closed doors. It’s nothing less than a celebration of uncertainty in a civilization which pedals certainty. In this regard I know nothing with certainty beyond what I feel able to accept in the moment, so when I produce an impossible horse and rider I must convince myself that it works or be open enough to see that it works for a reason which I may not understand.


You must bear in mind that as artists make work, it will be judged and the artist will be judged too and this is the pressure you work under as an artist. There will be failures and there will be successes, but whatever the outcome you just have to keep moving on. And in moving on it is to some extent blindly as you start over again, looking to uncover new possibilities that may work as art and satisfy the desire for expression. Art is not about a secret formula and although you aquire wisdom and knowledge, nothing is guaranteed, which is why too much success can dilute an artists intent, by pressurising them into needless production for the art market.

A curious case of collective thinking

In my artistic process I’ve witnessed a shift through the exploration of my own being, reacting to the trying circumstances of disatisfaction. And it’s through my drawing that I’ve discovered an almost deconstructed view on life. It’s almost like seeing everything as a mosaic held together but under duress. I’ve sensed the energy around actions and intent, disturbing the atmosphere and distorting the purity of image. This in turn is allowing me to break down my imagery through distortion and abstraction, whilst being loosely held as a representation. It’s been fascinating and all this imagery is held in various ways, trapped within the confines that are both seen and unseen as though there is a web. And that web is what I feel is cast over us throughout life and society, the metaphorical web which confines our possibilities.


As always this is a phase of thinking, a brief flirtation with possibilities, which is teaching me to avoid a singular philosophical approach to life. To not expect answers for the many questions, but just to allow the feeling which is upon me to join the myriad of ideas and thoughts that constitute my being.

Sitting Bull

In simple terms I think there is no right way round and that we are as connected to the cosmological force as we are the terra firma of earth because they are one as is everything. And because our existence is so mind blowing I struggle with what are in fact the petty politics and infighting of nation states. Our cosmic truth is the ultimate reality and to what we all share a connection. Philosophy may make attempts to understand the human predicament but there will always be a convincing contradictory argument.


I’m truly grateful to be an artist becase it has opened my eyes and my heart to a deeply connected reality. This has been my gift and has allowed me to feel that there is something beyond the confines of society. Through my art I can become absorbed into a meaningful state where I operate on a fundamental human level, free from constraint. It’s also the reason why I get so pissed off with cultural indoctrination and the reception of my art in the cultural mix and why I get irritated by the distractions of diluted cultural generality.


I believe there is a sacred nature to our existence, which for me it’s unfathomable, but I don’t need to understand or quantify it because I experience it through being. It hasn’t always been this way for me though, as I’ve struggled to work, caught between opposing values. In some way I allowed myself to be torn apart and become a victim, which is why I embarked on my journey of rediscovery. At times I felt desperate and lost but eventually I found the way back to my path, after five long years. Five years of sleepless nights and profound agitation as I searched for the answers that lay within.


Now I must put this period behind me and move forward, quietly getting on with what I do best. To retreat and live the way I see fit, without false ambition and with a full understanding of the importance of being unimportant. I gave art my best shot and found ways to express myself beyond my dreams and that is enough. But in doing so I’ve become caught up in this virtual world where I’ve enjoyed sharing my work. It’s almost like an addiction which I must stop in order to move forward into my own reality. It’s about an exhaustion from intense creativity, after which there is still no place for my work to sit beyond the shelves of my attic and the files of my computer.

A Few Faves

I believe that life is about decision making and I have a huge decision to make about my future, because I’m tired and exhausted with the endles struggle. Inside I feel the need to quietly get on with my own life and find a place which suits me, away from the madness of contemporary life. But then I’m held at the mercy of a state through the economic forces which bind us to the system.

P&0 Ventura CommissionThank you for looking and have a beautiful day ❤

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