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The road to One

February 7, 2016


I think that living in a narcissistic, vain and egotistical society, creates a huge problem and distraction for art and artists. In this me generation of playing to the audience, it’s all too easy to forget what the grassroots of art is all about. And whilst defining art is subjective there are fundamental principles and objectives relating to human expression.


I have found through my own experience that it’s almost impossible to see through the engrained perspective of your specific time and place and so you become subject to prevailing trends. In one sense we are all capable of understanding most things, but living with them as an actuality of your own existence and truly feeling them is another case. The reason I mention this is because of the conceit of the google generation, where we all know everything, but it’s like empathy, you can understand it but feeling it’s (sometimes) raw and devastating effects is another thing.


As an artist I have been blown in the wind of life from one place to another, at times willingly and at other times as a victim of circumstance. At times I’ve even tried to generate my own storms to lift me into the lands of fantasy. But my art and search for truth has always brought me back to a tight journey which I never truly understood. This journey has brought extreme challenges to my life and I’ve had to dig deep to find the courage to walk forward into my unknown. Often taking seemingly counterintuitive steps and following the awkward and unconventional path which was there beckoning me.


It’s only in the past few years that I’ve grown to understand my unconventional path and where it is taking me on a human level. And only now can I truly appreciate the gift that art has brought to my life in what is a deeply personal understanding of my own existence and a feeling of connectedness which has brought a sense of peace to my life.


My art is not about a product, or some lavish brush strokes on canvas, instead each work and gesture is an element of the huge tapestry of an unfolding life. There is no great works or masterpiece or anything to be drooled over, instead there is an awkward mark and a question. Because the truth is, that there is no absolute statement which I can make to define the ephemeral nature of existence. Furthermore it would be futile to try and think in absolutes when I don’t feel them to be true to my understanding of life.


Thirty one years ago I graduated from art school wih a purpose and that purpose was to make true art without compromise, to find a path where I could realise what I felt was a valuable human contribution. I had no idea where it would take me and I did not forsee such a huge shift through the onslaught of the American cultural and political onslaught. It’s been a huge challenge, but I feel that I’m finally succeeding as I battle through with my own incidental imagery.


What I’m really trying to say is that my art is not about a product but instead the markers of a journey through my own time. An attempt to offer a different perspective on how we view art and to show that art has more than one function in society.  I believe that true art has a sacred quality because of the purity of intent, it is not done for show but to tell. And in my experience no one stands above any other with superior wisdom, as is the folly so often celebrated by our hierarchical society.


The wisdom I have which is incidental and questionable, has come to me through my pursuit of art and search for truth. In that respect I’m grateful to what art has brought to my life, and through the humility it has brought, I live in hope that there will be many more lessons to be learnt, with unexpected outcomes.

Thanks for looking and have a beautiful day ❤




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